Any woman can look and feel sexy in the real pajamas. We asked the fashion experts of the pajamas for women to give us the opportunity to find sexist nightwear for every type of women's body. The following guidelines help you choose the most flattering pajamas to make you look and feel sexy womens:

Busty and winding: the curves are in vogue and the sexiest stars adorn them. Highlight your positive aspects of lingerie with thin straps and tight lace shorts. A tighter upper made of thick fabric will support you without damaging your shoulders. In softer climates, choose soft and elastic pajamas at the waist with a sleeveless top or flannel button. Avoid night dresses as they tend to cover curves and provide little definition.
Fine and missing curves: a deep cut can work wonders to dramatize the bust line, especially in a tight nightgown that distracts attention from the hips and towards the face. Choose a blouse that exposes your short waist or shorts or low waist pajamas. Exposing your tummy helps to add richness to a thin figure. Your jammies need to have busy patterns with extra lace or tie to shape your shape.
Thick arms: Fortunately, arms are an easy area to minimize, even when wearing pajamas. Forget about spaghetti tanks and tank straps and choose a long sleeve silk shirt and buttons with matching pants. Choose horizontal stripe patterns; Avoid sets with a color or set that is too busy. A discreet pattern is best for you. To get more sex appeal while keeping those arms out of sight, try unleashing pajamas at the bottom and tying the ends in a Daisy Duke halter to give it a sexy feel.
Bundt tongue: For women whose bodies are more focused on the lower regions, opt for longer pajama pants or baggy silk shorts. Highlight your best features by choosing a low-cut top for a generous chest or tight shorts for toned thighs and buttocks. The most flattering pajamas style for your body type is a set of two medium length pieces. Choose a dark color for a slimming look. Another option is a spaghetti strap or stiletto-style halter top that fits directly under the bust, accentuating the bust line and letting the rest of the nightgown flow over the body.

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