Where did insecurity, jealousy and competitiveness among women that is still seen either subtly or blatantly in society originate from? Here is a possible contributing factor: the sex trade and pornography industries. A male may purchase a woman who is all made up, with a gorgeous body for a sexual fantasy.

How many would purchase her to give her an orgasm? How many prostitutes would desire to have one with a stranger yet be paid for the sex act? What is the sex trade there for? Mostly the male fantasy to be fulfilled. How does the sex trade being a part of the consciousness present on Earth affect women not working in the sex industry and couples? Where does the mind come from if a couple is walking down the street and a beautiful woman walks by and either she is a distraction for the male or insecurity arises in the female? Many men today will look at women and smile or say hello without their testosterone going wild; evolution has taken place especially in freedom loving countries. Therefore if any insecurity exists in women it is a slightly demented mindset that may stem from illusion if their partner is not ogling other females.

More prevalent were the older generations of people who would judge a fashionably made up woman with large breasts as a prostitutes or worry about their daughters looking too good leaving the house for a date or party with her friends. Some of these people may even have had an experience with purchasing a prostitute which certainly may color the perception in ways that are skewed.

A mind of lewd, lascivious and inappropriate behavior exists which may hit from friends judging behavior of other friends who do not want to be stereotyped as ‘cheap’ or ‘promiscuous’ and this mind is possibly hitting the teens growing up still raised by parents who may hold some ‘old fashioned values.’

If men and women simply know that it is not them that there is something wrong with but the existence of the sex trade that is still present affecting the collective consciousness then there is no reason to tolerate judgment or to feel insecure. A male worth dating will have evolved beyond the mating impulse to stare at a chest or buttocks and understand that the pleasingness of it does not guarantee compatibility in a relationship. Men who engage in that behavior may have a greater tendency to stray away from their relationships or not desire one. Women engaging that behavior have freed themselves up to experience what it is without being persecuted as men never were although may be by their wives in a free society.

Hence the ‘he man women hater clubs’ that a well made kids movie alluded to the guys having a break from the women they don’t quite understand present today in a few radio shows, stand up comedy and other venues that women do not have to find ‘cool.’

So, basically here is where we are: pretty, made up women are not usually call girls. He men are a dying breed. Chivalry though not dead is going through a metamorphosis as a concept that may include non affected elegance that loves brilliance in a partner or love interest that shines through whatever face or form they may wear. If a mind is retrained to be engaged by brilliance in a partner more than by hormonal responses then the wandering eye syndrome that likely ends up wearing a pair of glasses if the person does not see what’s in front of him or her will likely phase out.

Pornography is a cheap version of the call girl purchase with fake moans and orgasms being prevalent in the movies. Both industries have been plagued by the drug trade so the addictive mind is also what is present as part of our collective consciousness from these industries partaking and that is not necessarily what is desired in the bedroom to heighten intimacy. Most frightening is that pornography may over stimulate the central nervous system in ways that cause fixation and a highly addictive personality. Elegance of mind is more difficult to attain with attention given to purchase sex products that are there to cause addiction to get the sale. For those who have studied Heavenly Lovemaking text on here written by me there is a secret passage out of the garden of the fake porno garden to the garden of Eden truth revealed where the lovemaking act is man and woman engaged sensually and passionately and their lovemaking creates insects mating, flowers blooming profusely and trees all alight with a sun emerging from behind a hazy day.

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