Male health is a considerable subject. Many men are burdened with work pressure and family burden. Under the pressure of the two mountains, it is bound to cause various diseases. The most significant correlation with stress is sexual dysfunction and male infertility. Among them, sexual dysfunction is more frequent among them, and psychological inducements account for the most significant proportion. This type is called cardiogenic erectile dysfunction.

Be careful when male friends have symptoms such as a sudden drop in sexual desire, no desire for sex, a weak erection, or an erection with a certain degree of hardness but not enough time for sexual intercourse! These may be the "clues" of sexual dysfunction.

So, what are the causes of sexual dysfunction in daily life?

1. Excessive life pressure

Middle-aged men have stable careers. The emergence of young talents in the workplace makes them more competitive. They should work harder to ensure or improve their quality of life. This is undoubtedly the unintentional pressure on older men. If the nerve is too tight, it will cause the disorder of hormone secretion in the body, affect the transmission of external stimuli to the nerve, and cause premature ejaculation, impotence, and other sexual dysfunction.

2. Bad living habits

Staying up late, smoking, lack of exercise, and other behaviors are not conducive to male reproductive health. Long-term smoking and drinking will cause genital blood circulation to be not smooth. Excessive sexual life will lead to long-term prostate congestion, causing inflammation and reducing the quality of semen. An unbalanced diet can also lead to obesity due to overnutrition. Some data show that obese men are more prone to premature ejaculation, impotence, prostatitis, and other diseases.

3. Male physiological causes

If men themselves suffer from certain diseases, it will lead to sexual dysfunction. For example, some systemic and chronic consumptive disorders, such as heart disease, tuberculosis, chronic renal failure, hypertension, malignant tumor, etc., can cause sexual desire decline.

If there is a problem with the nervous system, it will also lead to sexual dysfunction. Suppose the male genitalia has abnormal development and chronic genital inflammation such as prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, and seminal caruncle inflammation. In that case, it will destroy the male sexual desire and lead to male sexual dysfunction.

4. Male psychological disorder

If men do not have too much sexual experience, they are anxious and uneasy because they fear their sexual behavior will fail to satisfy the other party when they have sex. When some men have sex for the first time, they are complained about by the other party or suffer from early ejaculation, premature ejaculation, and other phenomena, leaving psychological shadows. They are full of anxiety and fear about their sexual life, which will cause male sexual dysfunction.

Some men suspect their partners will cheat and are suspicious, jealous, and distrustful. These will form a vicious circle. After men cannot satisfy each other, they will even suspect that each other will go out to seek comfort, which is harmful to sexual desire.

Many men are difficult to speak after suffering from sexual dysfunction, and failure to treat them in time will lead to the deterioration of the disease. Therefore, in daily life, we need to do an excellent job of preventing sexual dysfunction and avoiding disease deterioration.

So how to prevent sexual dysfunction?

Have a correct concept of sex

Sex is an essential thing for every couple. At ordinary times, we must pay attention to regular sex life, not excessive, but also pay attention, not to promiscuity. Having good sexual habits at normal times can avoid the occurrence of sexual dysfunction and reduce the birth of other diseases.

Regulate emotions

If you have sexual dysfunction, you need to adjust your emotions promptly. Be calm when encountering troubles and not bear too much mental burden. The excessive cognitive load will suppress the physical condition. In addition, we should adjust our body and mind more, try to relax our mood, enjoy music more, or eliminate some destructive emotions. Doing more things you like to settle your mood can effectively relieve sexual depression.

Maintain a daily exercise

Routine physical activity can effectively relieve long-term strained nerves, regulate neurohumors, and alleviate sexual dysfunction. More outdoor sports, daily jogging or walking, regular life, and adequate sleep can prevent diseases.

Reduce or eliminate bad living habits

Bad living habits will cause the deterioration of sexual dysfunction. Men should try to avoid bad living habits and unhealthy diets, reduce going out to socialize, and not smoke or drink. Long-term smoking and drinking stimulate the brain's nerves, causing excessive stress and sexual dysfunction. Therefore, to prevent such diseases, it is necessary to quit smoking and drinking in time and maintain a good life.

Check regularly

A regular examination can well avoid sexual dysfunction. Reviewing reproductive organs and urinary systems can find prostatitis and other diseases as early as possible and effectively avoid sexual dysfunction. Active treatment is required for prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, and other conditions. Traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can effectively treat these diseases. Otherwise, long-term chronic inflammation will stimulate the body, leading to the decline of sexual desire.

Through the description of the above article, we should know more about the causes and prevention of male sexual dysfunction. I hope the above introduction can help more men with sexual dysfunction.

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