Discussion about sexual matters of a patient is crucial part of preparing their medical history. Although, in India many doctors are reluctant to discuss about sex with patient’s parents. A main reason is that Indian medical centers do not provide much information about how to conduct a discussion about sex with patients, however it is a crucial aspect of an individual’s health and personality.

Even our sexologist in India gets 20% of patients who are physicians or their family members. The medical course doesn’t include guidelines about how to talk about sex specifically, except understanding the biological concept for reproduction.

In America, 60% of doctors ask questions about sex to their patients. Even most patients also prefer to get a chance to talk about their sexual problems with a health expert.

However sex awareness is a challenge with common physicians, even the expert sexologists are also not comfortable in discussing the various aspects of sex. For example in case a homosexual patient visits a physician to determine his/her sexual orientation, many cases, the physician is unable to answer their questions.

Even the psychology courses also include not more than 10 hours to learn the ways about discussing the sexual problems. Meanwhile these hours are also not much beneficial.

There are several obstructions to discuss the ways of sex. Nowadays sex education and other programs are added in student’s courses to prevent teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The program includes:
Clinical behavior role to reduce the chances of HIV
Culture and gender specific
Screening, counseling and treatment
Recognize risk, commitment to change and skills development
Interactive teaching and behavior modeling
Professional facilitators of the same gender

How should you talk about your sexual concerns with your physician

Sex is an essential part of life for couples and has a positive impact on their health and well-being. A happy sexual life can be beneficial for physical, mental and social character of a person. An unsatisfied sex life or loss of love causes stress and sickness. Severe sickness or inability can result into feeling of loneliness and lack of interest in sex that create a negative impact on overall life of an individual.

It is of utmost benefit for patients if a physician can talk about sexuality and when possible, offer support to the suitable service. Most sexual problems can be usually resolved with medical treatment or counseling. Usually a patient is not sure about sexuality and needs explanation to resolve the issues about the fairs.

Communication is essential about patient and professional may hold back from beginning the conversation for different reasons. Discussion of sex in the work environment can be uneasy.

People ignore the talk about sexual health matters because of:

Feeling ashamed or low confidence
Embarrassment in discussing the sexual concerns because of being female, older or have religious beliefs about sex
People should resolve their own sexual concerns and not to disturb the physician.
They believe that there is no solution for sexual problems and they have to face the problem for the rest of life.
They should not have sexual pleasure anymore
They trust that healthcare experts must begin talking at the first hand.

If patients are hesitant in talking about their sexual concerns, then it is tough for a physician to completely diagnose their condition and offer the needed treatment, counseling and support. Good sexual health offers improved sex and overall health and well being. Erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of heart problem and diabetes whilst low libido is a result of depression and stress.

Getting a good sex life after an ailment can widely accelerate your recovery process. A healthy sex life keeps you safe from depression and psychological problems. Sexual activity makes people aware of their overall health and identify the signs of problems such as enlarged prostate, vaginal changes and low libido. With education and training, the health care experts encourage to work on the subject when suitable during counseling.

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Good sexual health not only improves your sex life in fact also describe the underlying medical ailments that you may not know earlier. So, stay informed by having a healthy sexual life.