Seminal vesiculitis is an inflammation of the seminal vesicles. Although it may occur independently, seminal vesiculitis is most often secondary to prostatitis in the clinical practice.

Men should pay attention to their health if there is blood in semen. As an important symptom of seminal vesiculitis, blood in semen is significant for diagnosis. If the blood in semen is macroscopic, men should be far away from sex, especially acute seminal vesiculitis patients.

But why isn't the sexual intercourse suitable for patients with seminal vesiculitis?

Generally speaking, in addition to blood in semen, other symptoms of seminal vesiculitis commonly are fever, high fever, chills, burning on urethra, urgent, frequent and painful urination and severe pain on rectum and perineum.

Since these symptoms can affect their sexual ability, so sufferers commonly are afraid they cannot make their wives achieve sexual orgasm. Therefore, the symptoms of seminal vesiculitis make sexual intercourse unsuitable.

Secondly, patients' sexual partners can also affect infection via intercourse. As is known to all, acute seminal vesiculitis usually is caused by bacteria, pathogens or virus. Since some pathogens are contagious, some women can be affected by sex.

Therefore, women are under the threat of affecting PID and vaginitis. What's more, men also have to bear the risk of affecting prostatitis, orchitis or urethritis, because the long-time congestion of sexual organs can bring more toxic materials into the nearby organs.

Since patients with acute seminal vesiculitis are not allowed to have sexual intercourse, what about doing so during the treatment period? Dose it affect the therapeutic effect?

Actually, during the treatment period, it is also better for acute seminal vesiculitis sufferers to avoid sexual intercourse, because congestion environment is suitable for bacteria to grow. As a consequence, acute seminal vesiculitis patients should have sex when the seminal vesiculitis is cured.

Acute seminal vesiculitis is a condition that can be cured easily with antibiotics in mos clinical practice. However, if men have that condition turn into a chronic type, aka chronic seminal vesiculitis, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be taken.

This herbal pill not only can clear away heat and toxic materials for men, but also is effective on seminal vesiculitis and its complications like prostatitis, orchitis and urethritis. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill does not have drug resistance and it also won't bring harm to liver and kidney.

What's more, this herbal pill can nicely work on the urogenital system infection directly due to its great anti-germ ability. As long as patients can follow the doctor's advice and the treatment plan, they will pull through eventually. If you need more help over the urogenital health, the herbal pill is also a nice choice.

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