Today, sex is most commonly viewed as a physical and emotional act, with little or nothing to do with spirituality.

Couples experiencing sex life problems typically are unaware of or ignore the spiritual link. Most identify the causes of a sexless relationship to be one or more outlined in this article, such as communication problems, lack of trust, stress, physical problems including hormonal imbalances, feelings of betrayal, and more. Sometimes even a lack of quality protein (not soy) can cause your sex drive to nosedive.

But you and your sex life have a spiritual side, even if you aren’t consciously aware of it.

Below we list ten potential spiritual reasons for your sex life problems.

1. One or both of you are unknowingly enduring a lost soul attachment or possession. In other words, you have hitchhikers on-board.

Once a person dies, their soul goes to the Light (i.e., “heaven” or whatever you want to call the other side, the unseen dimensions). But sometimes a soul refuses to go to the Light and hangs around on the mundane planes, as a ghost. These lost souls may attach themselves to those whose auras are temporarily dimmed (such as through stress or excess alcohol). The interference can be draining to the host, leaving little energy for sex. Or, the parasitic ghost invading your aura may not like your partner and may unconsciously convince you to avoid him or her, causing more problems in the relationship.

2. You or your partner are harboring dark energy or even demonic energy and demons. Just as with lost soul attachment, a person can unknowingly open themselves up to dark energy or even demons through stress, excess alcohol, drug use, or extreme anger or depression. This can easily zap your energy and leave you uninterested in sex.

3. Hexes, spells, or curses, even from past incarnations, may afflict a person, interfering with his or her sex life.

4. You were with your current partner in a past life, but he or she was your parent, grandparent, sibling, or in another platonic role and your subconscious memory of that makes sex with your partner unappealing.

5. Your current partner was your enemy in a past life and the subconscious memory greatly interferes with your relationship and sex life.

6. You and your partner were lovers in a previous life, but he or she betrayed you and the painful subconscious memory makes it impossible to enjoy sex with him or her today.

7. You’ve had a series of past lives where sex was forbidden, such as in a religious order. Subconsciously, you still believe sex, besides to procreate, is wrong and you can’t allow yourself to enjoy it.

8. You were punished, tortured, or put to death in a past life for having sex, perhaps with the soul who is your partner today. You subconsciously associate sex with pain or death, blocking a healthy sex life.

9. In a distant past life, you promised with all your heart to forever devote yourself to one specific lover, your “soul mate,” and you still haven’t dissolved the pact and let go of him or her. That long-lost forgotten love, who isn’t incarnated now, is still interfering with your love life today, 1700 years, and multiple lifetimes and lovers later.

10. The compatibility, measured through comprehensive astrology and numerology, between you and your romantic partner is horrible. At first, things seemed fine, but eventually reality set in. Challenging compatibility reflects one or more of the aforementioned past life scenarios. For example, past life enemies, in the extreme, are easy to identify through in-depth astrology and numerology.

A healthy sex life need not be rare when addressing the root, spiritual causes, which can increase the likelihood of a mutually satisfying sex life, if the bond is conducive to it.

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