It is very important to acquire a quality bed. Two important activities that human are crucial to the health of human beings are carried out on a bed. These two activities are sleeping and having sex. It is recommended that human being sleep a total of roughly eight hours of each and every twenty four hours of our lives. This means that we spend a massive third of our lives sleeping. This article shall briefly explain why sleeping and having sex on a good comfortable bed is good for our health and how loving partners should encourage both of these activities

Sex is a good and healthy activity between loving partners. Adults should be encouraged to have sex regularly. The easiest way to make your partner happy in bed is by giving them an out of this world orgasm is to make one of their fantasies come true. We all have sexual fantasies that we would love to make a reality so the best way to give them out of this world pleasure is to make one of their deepest fantasies come true. Of course, you want to do something for them that is going to keep them excited and that is not going to make you feel comfortable. You don't want to do something that is going to make you feel uneasy or else it won't be enjoyable. Open up a discussion with your partner about their fantasies and the two of you can come up with something exciting and sexy for you to do. Having sex will release feel good hormones such as serotonin, endorphins and dopamine. It is also comparable to light cardio exercise that is immensely beneficial to your heart.

Sleeping is the other essential activity that we usually carry out on our beds. Even the most grueling schedules need to factor in time to sleep in our beds. Doctors and health experts all over the planet agree that we require a minimum of six to eight hours of sleep each and every day. A third of our time is literally dedicated to resting. Sleeping removes toxins in our brains that build up when we are awake. As we rest, we seem on the surface as if we are completely "off", however, our minds are surprising active. Our conscious minds may be asleep, but our other mind known as our subconscious mind is a giant that never sleeps. It continues to work. It continues to organize our memories and store them where we can easily retrieve them. It creates new brain cells and forges new connections between nerves while reinforcing other connections. It makes sense of all the data that we have been gathering. Once we awaken we are better able to make intelligent decisions.

When we do not get enough time to sleep in our beds we accumulate a "sleep debt". Sleep debt refers to the difference between the amount of time of sleep that we should be getting and the amount of time of sleep that we are actually receiving. For example, if you only get three hours of sleep instead of the usual eight hours of sleep, you will have a sleep debt of five hours. It is important to catch up on your rest and pay this debt in sleep to your body and your bed. Failure to do so can literally result in a catastrophe. Your mental health is at risk when you function whilst carrying a sleep debt

When we go twenty four hours without sleep, however, we become increasingly confused and our thinking capacity is diminished. We are comparable to a person who has consumed a large amount of alcohol. Beyond a full day without sleep human beings become increasingly delusional until finally they eventually become insane and lose complete touch with reality. These mental symptoms are easily reversed by restful sleep on a comfortable bed.

In conclusion, it is important to acquire a quality bed so that couple can sleep and have sex on a pleasant surface. Both sleeping and having sex are important to our health and a quality bed is the perfect partner where responsible adults can enjoy these activities without any remorse of guilt

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