When a girl enters puberty, menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon. Many girls do not fully understand the knowledge of menstrual hygiene. As soon as menstruation comes, they show emotional instability, mental tension, shyness, and fear. Some people ignore menstrual hygiene and adopt incorrect treatment methods, which are wrong.

Due to endometrial shedding and bleeding during menstruation, wound formation, pelvic congestion, and significant changes in neurohumoral aspects of the whole body. At this time, the body's resistance is reduced, the acidic environment of the vagina is destroyed, the cervix is slightly open, vulnerable to bacteria, the defense of reproductive organs is weakened, the chance of infection is significantly increased causing pelvic inflammation.

The pelvic inflammatory disease may cause uterine problems due to long-term recurrent attacks, such as endometriosis, affecting pregnancy. In this case, drug treatment is necessary. To avoid the side effects of some antibiotics, many patients began to prefer herbal medicine treatments, such as Fuyan Pill

Menstrual hygiene is essential for every adolescent girl.

1. Diet

During menstruation, women should eat white meat, eggs, tofu, etc., which are rich in protein. Proper consumption can supplement the nutrients lost during menstruation. And they can eat more Vitamin B group, scallion, fungus, peanut, walnut, and jujubes.

Also, eating more high-fiber food can promote the excretion of the estrous hormone, increase the content of magnesium in the blood, and help to adjust menstruation and calm nerves. Whole grains, brown rice, oats, and other foods are good choices.

They should avoid some foods like wine, caffeinated drinks, and raw and cold food as excessive alcohol will consume vitamin B and minerals and make people fat. And caffeinated beverages can cause emotional instability, destroy carbohydrate metabolism and cause breast pain.

They should also avoid some raw and cold food, such as ice cream, eggplant, towel gourd, cucumber, white gourd, crab, snail, kelp, bamboo shoots, celery, orange, pear, grapefruit, watermelon, etc.,

At the same time, some spicy and hot food, such as fried food, peppers, mustard, etc., should also be avoided during menstruation so as not to cause poor blood flow and irregular menstruation.

Blood activating foods, like peach kernel, safflower, pseudo-ginseng, etc., are easy to lead to excessive menstrual blood and prolonged menstrual period.

2. Sports

Avoid strenuous exercise during menstruation. But appropriate training can improve blood circulation, help the contraction and relaxation of abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, and be conducive to menstrual blood discharge.

For example, some stretching movements and meditation yoga are good choices. Sports with high intensity, such as running, playing ball, and jumping, are unsuitable.

Pay attention to keep warm after exercise and change clothes in time after sweating. If you feel uncomfortable during exercise, you should stop immediately.

3. Cleaning

The shape of female genitalia is more complex, there are many wrinkles, and dirt is easy to accumulate. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the sanitation of external genitalia often. Usually, wash and change underwear frequently, and form the habit of cleaning the vulva every day. It is recommended to rinse with warm water to keep the vulva clean. Separate the basin and towel used for bathing from the foot basin and towel to avoid mutual infection. The shower is the best way to take a bath.

Menstrual pads should be soft, absorbent, and detoxified. And change the sanitary napkin frequently. It is better to change it in two hours. Moreover, do not wash the vagina with antibiotics and chemicals for a long time to prevent vaginitis caused by flora imbalance.

4. Life nursing

Pay attention to keeping warm during menstruation to avoid getting wet and cold. During the menstrual period, there is often discomfort such as backache, lower abdominal distension, weakness of the whole body, decreased physical resistance, and prone to some diseases.

So, pay attention to avoid getting wet or cold, such as rain, running water, cold water bathing, swimming, long-time field operation on cold days, etc. Too cold stimulation will cause menstrual disorders. A humid and cold environment will cause excessive menstrual blood, prolonged menstrual period, or induce other diseases.

5. Emotional adjustment

First, the spirit should be happy and optimistic and avoid worry, sadness, pain, and unnecessary mental burden. A few people are emotionally unstable during menstruation, so excited, upset, love to lose their temper, and should pay attention to restraint.

Secondly, have sufficient rest and sleep time. Women should not smoke or drink alcohol. They should drink more boiled water, eat more vegetables and fruits, and keep the urine and stool unobstructed. In case of abnormal menstruation, timely find a hospital for examination and symptomatic treatment. Do not take medicine and injections at will. Otherwise, it will delay the diagnosis and increase the difficulty of future treatment.

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