Do you really want to learn self defense moves you can incorporate into any style of martial arts training you are currently in right now or an art you have practiced in the past? In this article, I would like to share some really working and effective martial arts techniques that will greatly improve your chances of winning in a reality based self defense situation. Remember, if you are mugged or attacked while out from your home, the following tips have been taken from prison based combat and these are guaranteed to work no matter your age, size or skill level.

Move No.1 – Simply put, one of the first and widely popular techniques you are going to learn that works very effectively is the eye gouge. When you see a UFC fight end in disqualified because one of the fighters got poked in the eye, let that be a lesson. In general, being poked in the eye can actually cause extreme damage and extreme pain. The fact is that it can also interrupt and impede the vision of your assailant. Hence, if your punches don’t work while you are defending against being attacked your best move from there forward is to slam your fingers into your attacker’s eye sockets.

Move No.2 - Another most in-demand move that works always against male attackers is kicking or knee striking the groin area. In fact, it is really easy to remember and works as long as you do it right. However, don't think you are restricted to just kicks or knee strikes, if you are able to pull, squeeze, rip, bite, claw, or whatever you can do, it can cause an attack to end abruptly with your would be assailant running away in extreme pain.

Move No.3 - The third and last martial arts technique I would like to tell you through this article is attacking the throat of your opponent. Of course, if you can smash the attacker in the windpipe with a swift chop or punch, you can actually cut off his air supply which can also impede him (attacker) from wanting to carry on his plans of hurting you.

On a final note, being knowledgeable about what actually works in a street-based self defense scenario is crucial so be aware of what works and what doesn’t and be sure to practice daily. And the main thing is that honing your coordination and cardiovascular training as well is highly important to be ready for a reality based self defense encounter. Trust me; if you are really worried about how to learn self defense, then this article will surely help you do your job much easier.

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Cory Hofland is a maestro of 3rd degree Black belt and has been teaching Martial Arts for eighteen years. The author is spreading the series of free self-defense classes for women in which will teach about sexual assault defense strategies and how to escape an abduction. For More Information Please Visit Learn self defense .