Unless you’ve had your head in the sand lately, I’m sure you’ve notice the people everywhere are shaken by uncertainty. Another definition for uncertainty is lack of trust.

What is trust?

The two parts to trust are:
1. an emotion or feeling of confidence or sureness that is not rooted in your intellect;
2. a performance “track” record that confirms the feeling of confidence without worry or suspicion.

Trust is frequently taken for granted. A backlash has begun to develop. Consumers are seeking products and services that give them what they promised. They will no longer tolerate hype.

As consumers take greater control of their pocketbook and carefully consider each purchase, they are demanding open and honest communication from companies – everything from ingredients they understand—and can pronounce—to clear communication on company policies and practices.

Even if we, as business owners, have demanded of ourselves and our company full disclosure, transparency, accuracy, and respect of privacy, we are now tainted by the shenanigans going on around us…

To continue to thrive, reassuring clients that we are acting in the best interest of all should become a primary concern as these turbulent times continue to unfold. Seven keys to building and maintaining trust:

1. Don’t hide.
2. Keep commitments.
3. Keep confidences.
4. Don’t lose perspective.
5. Openly communicate.
6. Listen accurately. (Don’t judge too quickly.)
7. Ask for feedback. (Respond thoughtfully when received.)

It takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it. ~
~ Anonymous

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