Having spent most of my adult life in the fitness field, I always like to keep track of current statistics. Being passionate about helping people achieve high levels of health and fitness has always been the guiding principle of my life. I am continually seeking ways to help you take care of the only body you will ever have.

The statistics regarding fitness clubs reveal a gap between what people know is good for them and what they actually do. Worldwide in developed nations, currently only about 13% of the adult population are members of fitness clubs. Yet over 90% of people say they know that exercise is important for their health.

I am on a mission to change these stats—to move that 13% upwards. With the other 87% not yet into fitness clubs, this leaves a lot of room for improvement!

What can a fitness club do for you? Here are what I call my Lucky Number Seven’s—seven great ways you benefit from joining a fitness club.

1) Fitness clubs have experienced and educated health and fitness experts who can give you advice on your workouts and how to use the various types of equipment so that you’ll get results. The expertise of fitness staff also helps educate you about safety and how to avoid any kind of injury.

2) Most fitness clubs offer areas where you can do proper stretching, warm-ups, and cool-downs—all of these are important in a good workout. Your fitness club program can remind you to stretch, warm-up, and cool-down, and provide you a comfortable space to do that.

3) Many fitness clubs draw upon the best and most advanced science in choosing the exercise equipment available in the club. At the club, you can work out with the help of state-of-the-art equipment. Much of the equipment has the digital ability to record your workout results so that you can keep track of your progress week to week.

4) You’ll have the opportunity to work with a Personal Trainer on a specific set of fitness goals, tailored exclusively for you. Your fitness club membership may entitle you to really good rates if you decided to hire a qualified Personal Trainer. Your trainer gives you ongoing feedback, encouragement, and motivation.

5) Fitness clubs offer all kinds of group exercise experiences. Group exercise is fun, social, flexible, and upbeat with some really cool music! It’s a great way to workout with friends and to meet new friends who are committed to taking care of their body and having fun doing it.

6) Fitness clubs offer an ideal environment for ongoing exercise year-round in any kind of weather. Clubs have temperature control (making exercise do-able in all seasons). The floors are also all safe footing, so that you can run, jump, dance, or hold a physical position without any fear of slipping or falling.

7) Many fitness clubs offer additional services such as massage therapy, swimming pools, squash courts, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, and child-minding services. Going to the club can be not only about your workout, but an interesting outing offering a lot of other “perks”.

You can join a fitness club for less than going out a couple of times a month for dinner, or for what you’d spend on a pizza and movie night. Joining a good fitness club is the best investment you will ever make for your body, your energy, and your total well-being.

Author's Bio: 

David Patchell-Evans is the Founder and CEO of GoodLife Fitness, the largest chain of fitness clubs in the world owned by a single individual. He is also the Chair of the International Health and Racquetball Sports Association (IHRSA), the world’s largest fitness organization. Patch’s new book, The Real Sexy, Smart and Strong, is an international bestseller and available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and at local bookstores. Patch invites you to visit his website at www.davidpatchellevans.com.

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