With the introduction of online streaming services, it is now possible to watch cable news from the leading TV networks without necessarily having an active subscription. With devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Apple TV amongst others, watching Fox News live stream becomes a walk in the park if you know which services to subscribe to, and here is a brief look at some of them:

1) Hulu with Live TV

The first option of getting your daily dose of Fox News live stream is to use Hulu with Live TV. Though the service is still in beta, it is already becoming very popular with cord cutters mainly because of its affordability as well as the variety of channels it offers to the users. The basic subscription is currently at $39.99, and with this, you get over 55 channels, including unlimited access to Hulu’s VOD content and archived videos. If you already have a Hulu subscription, then Hulu With Live TV should be your go to place for Fox News live stream without a cable subscription.

2) Fox News Live Stream with Fubo TV

FuboTV’s main focus was on sporting events, but has now diversified to offer more than just live soccer coverages. For a very long time, it appealed to sports fans, but with its current diversification, the appeal is also expanding, especially among users who are sports enthusiasts, but also don’t want to be left behind with events happening around the world. FuboTV base package is available for just $39.99 and it includes Fox News, except for users in the New York City and New York State markets where the subscription is $5 more. Other than Fox News, you will find other Fox channels also, and of course with plenty of sports channels.

3) PlayStation Vue

With PlayStation Vue, you get various channel bundles ranging from $39.99 per month for the basic package to $74.99 for the “Ultra” package where you get over 88 channels, including Showtime and HBO. For those interested in Fox News live stream, however, there is no need to go for the priced packages since it is available in the basic package. It is also important to point out that the basic package will not avail to you only Fox News alone, but also a variety of news coverage from other channels, including CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, BBC America and Fox Business amongst others.

4) DirecTV Now

If you are looking for an affordable way to get Fox News as well other cable news channels like CNN, Telemundo, Fox Business and Bloomberg, then you have every reason to consider getting a DirecTV Now subscription. With the “Live A Little”package available for just $35 per month, you will have access to ten news channels as well as over 60 other cable channels. If you were only interested in Fox News, then this basic package will suffice, but if you want to have more for your entertainment, then you can consider some of the slightly highly priced packages for more fun.

5) YouTube TV

YouTube TV has been around for slightly over one year, and it is not as popular as other live streaming services because its access was restricted to certain geographical locations. However, its reach is currently being expanded, and it is fast becoming the preferred choice for cord cutters interested in Fox News live streams in the geographical locations where it is available. With this, all you need to do is pay a flat fee of $35 and you will have access to over 40 channels, including BBC World, BBC America, Fox Business, Fox News and CNBC amongst others.

6) Fox News Go App

Finally, the other option to watch Fox News online is to use the Fox News Go app. With app installed in your devices, you get to catch all your favorite Fox News segments on the go. However, for you to access this app, you must have an active cable or satellite TV subscriptions, whose credentials you will use to log into the app and access Fox News.

7) Illegal Streaming Options

Although we don’t encourage viewers to opt for this last option, it is not more than fair that we mention it briefly. Many websites exist that offer illegally broadcasted streams of Fox News. These sites are either broadcasting or publishing (embedding) the live stream within one of their pages. Usually such live streams are associated with lots of annoying advertisements and low quality picture and/or sound quality. It is not recommended to view live streams on websites that lack proper broadcasting rights or engage in illegal activity.


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