Sometimes, no matter what you try, a specific goal is unattainable, which could mean fate rules over your free will. The more effort you put into it, the worse the disappointment. Even though this is an unfortunate part of life, you can minimize the disappointment of fate with your awareness.

Many claim you can reach any goal, as long as you “believe” you can do it.

Some recommend using spells or magic for goals. Unfortunately, if you manipulate anyone with spells or magic, this is black magic and will create plenty of negative karma for you. Also, we’ve noticed, over years of observation, that spells can’t permanently override karma or fate.

Some pander to the instant gratification desires of the masses. They don’t acknowledge (or don’t know) that you can’t always have what you want if it’s not meant to be. Even worse, they fail to state the importance of knowing yourself, your talents and skills, and whether a specific goal is part of your good karma and fate.

We see this as an attempt to cheat fate.

Does that sound too harsh? We’d rather be direct with our findings than lead you down a path of illusion like we see happen too often.

Many well-meaning New Age entrepreneurs try to help people with popular spiritual concepts, but if they ignore fate, they are doing their customers a disservice. Fate or destiny (same thing) is one of the main deciding factors that determines how your life unfolds and whether, ultimately, you reach and maintain a goal or not.

Regardless of how much inspiration and energy you direct toward your desire, and no matter how much you heal yourself, it will not happen unless it’s part of your path.

Sure, inspiration is wonderful and can catapult you over doubt and other roadblocks. But when it’s not grounded in spiritual truth, you’ll stumble.

How do we know fate is a spiritual truth? Don’t take our word for it. Study ancient, comprehensive (not the superficial versions like horoscopes) numerology and astrology obsessively for years. Turn off the TV because you won’t have time for it, or much socializing either. You’ll find that it’s as complex as learning a new language, and your accuracy will increase even more when you use your intuition with the knowledge. In order to increase the accuracy of your intuition, you must meditate daily. Then observe people, their personalities and timing, with these ancient sciences (yes, they are sciences) and track their goals. Goals such as finding a lasting and (truly) compatible relationship partner, creating wealth, overcoming health problems, and career success are a good start. You notice that when a goal is conducive to someone’s fate (as outlined by these two ancient sciences) they are much more likely to reach it. When fate is not on their side, they won’t, or if they do, it will be a major struggle or they won’t maintain it.

How to Avoid the Disappointment of Fate

Drop expectations, especially when your goal depends upon others (like in your love life, for example).

Drop any sense of entitlement. You may or may not have earned the good karma (mainly through past lives) or talent (through past lives and the present life) for a specific goal, or it may or may not be part of your best path this time. But don’t let that discourage you. It’s important to strive for a goal that feels right to you because even if you don’t reach it this time, what you accomplish or learn in the process might be invaluable for your future. Keep in mind that if you don't achieve a cherished goal, your soul may have planned all along that the striving for that goal was the important part.

Meditate so you can more easily sense if striving for a certain goal is part of your fate and good for you or not. Ask in meditation, from whomever you pray to, for guidance.

Ask for help in (and out of) meditation every step of the way. We’ve received insight (what we need, not always what we want) countless times after asking for it (from God, Guides of the Light, or our Higher Self), but it may not always come right away or in the form we expect.

A simple question to whoever you pray to can be, “What’s my next step to ______ ?” Ask for insight as often as you feel the need. With practice, you might wake up with answers if you ask before bed.

Have faith. Replace fears with faith and gratitude.

Do all you can to reach the goal, but also accept there may be unseen (for now) reasons for not reaching it.

If things turn out differently than you hoped, meditate and ask for help in dealing with disappointment or loss. Ask for help with acceptance, in seeing the bright side, and with being grateful for what you have rather than what you don’t.

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