Prostatitis makes men suffer a lot, be it in its long treatment and repeated attack troubles male for a long time, or the damage to male's life.

If you have prostatitis, you can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get it well treated. This is a natural herbal formula that can help men get rid of prostatitis completely and make men strongly resistant to inflammation.

But after you recover, you also cannot take it lightly, which means the prevention of the recurrence of prostatitis is also very important. There are seven daily behaviors you should notice specially.

1. Drink more water

Drink more than 2000 ml water is good for prostate health. Except that, take more fresh fruits and vegetables, less high-fat food, spicy food is also good for your health.

2.Replenish zinc

Because tract element could enhance the anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effect of prostate. So, intake more zinc-contain foods like pumpkin seed, peanut kernel, almound, and sesame, which are beneficial for the prevention of prostate diseases.

3. Urinate in time

Once bladder has urine micturition desire, it's ought to urinate, otherwise will do harms for bladder and prostate. When taking long-distance but, it's essential to wipe out your urine then take the bus. What's more, during the trip, if appears sudden desire to urinate, do not hold back, but go to the toilet immediately.

4. Avoid alcohol and cigarette

Spicy food are not the direct reason of prostatitis, however, the beer or spicy food like pepper can irritate prostate and urethra. So, after taking these food, patients may have short discomfort feeling or burning sensation when urination. What's more, it an also cause blood congestion, swelling, or a low resistance of prostate. Since, a light and regular diet could reduce the blood congestion of prostate.

5. Have regular blood test

Have digital rectal examination is the important way to have early detection of prostate hyperplasia, which can prevent the occurrence of kidney damage as well as prostate cancer. So, old people above 50 years old should take kidney function test and rectal examination every half year and 1 year.

6.Avoid long-term sitting

Long-term sitting can cause pressure to the male prostate gland, making it heavily congested and tortured. In this case, the congestion can make male immunity in the prostate gland go downhill, which puts it at high risk of inflammation. So you should always move around after sitting for one or two hours.

7. Exercise

Exercise in abdomen, thigh and hip could massage the prostate, and promote the blood and lymph circulation in prostate. Because middle-aged and elderly people could run or have fast walking for about half an hour, which can care your prostate health. Also, jogging, jumping, yoga, tai chi, swimming and other moderate sports are good options for patients to do on weekends.

Hope these tips help you get better soon, and if you have any abnormal symptoms during the nursing, you should get checked in time.

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