Summer is coming and we all know what that means! It's time to start getting that beach body and lose some weight. But it isn't just about eating less and training like a beast. Sometimes, it can get quite frustrating when reaching a plateau, especially when you've been making great progress! Fortunately, there are natural supplements which can speed up the weight loss and have you shed the pounds without the problems.

If you're wondering what they are, read on as I show you the top seven natural supplements for better weight loss!

For those who would like to add a kick to their weight loss and help lessen their appetite or speed up metabolisms, check out these seven natural supplements to try out:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar
Yes, all the fitness trainers and nutritionists were right! Apple cider vinegar has a great way on lessening the bloat while curbing your cravings, which result to weight loss from the lower calorie intake. You don't need to drink the whole bottle to lose weight (it's a no-no!) so I recommend that you consume about two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, which won't only have you lose weight but reap more health benefits! Don't like the taste? Mix the apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and honey.

2. CBD
If you aren't familiar with what CBD is, this is known as cannabidiol, a type of herb which is used to help maintain energy and focus. But it can do more than that! You'll be able to lose weight for it as it suppresses your appetite, having you feel fuller after a meal. You'll also be able to adapt better sleeping patterns and improve your mood AND memory. You can take CBD through smoking or consuming CBD infused edibles.

3. Chia
I'm sure you've heard about how many people like adding chia seeds to their smoothies or oatmeal and it isn't just because of its consistency! Chia is a natural food which is high in omega-3, providing the right about of healthy fat you need to stay longer and satiated throughout the day. What I love about chia seeds is that it has no taste and you can add it to anything. 100 calories worth of chia seeds can sad you a lot more thanks to the fact it has you feeling satisfied for longer.

4. Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is another famous type of superfood, known for its high amount of saturated fats. Because of its saturated fats, it helps keep you satisfied with what you eat for longer. Sure, it's calorie dense, but one tablespoon can go a long way into making you full. I would recommend that you use it as a salad dressing, for drizzling on your dishes, or even frying at low temperature (as coconut oil has a high smoke point).

5. Senna Tea
Have you heard of senna tea? If you're someone who usually has constipation issues and can't do your bathroom duties even after a big meal, then Senna tea can help you get things moving faster. It also helps with weight loss as you are able to empty out your bowels and stay fuller for longer. Take Senna tea every few days. Do NOT take it every day, as it may cause digestive issues in the long run.

6. Green Tea Extract
We all know that green tea is a great way to help with weight loss. This is because green tea can speed up your metabolism, with you burning lot more energy and calories throughout the day. Additionally, green tea can help curb your appetite and provide you just the right amount of caffeine to keep you energized. A few cups of quality green tea a day can help you out and it contains no calories at all!

7. White Bean Extract
If you're looking for another good extract to help speed up your weight loss, then white bean extract works well. Studies prove that just like green tea, white bean extract can help speed up your metabolism and have you burn more calories successfully.

Wrapping It Up
Weight loss doesn't have to be so difficult as long as you know what type of food and supplements to take! With the right diet and exercise, as well as natural supplements, you'll be able to reach your weight loss goals in no time.

I hope that this article on the best natural supplements for better weight loss helped you out. So don't wait any longer and begin trying any of these supplements out today!

For those who have any questions or would like to share their tips and experiences on these natural supplements for weight loss, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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