Personal Branding is about honing your skills, narrowing your focus, and getting clear on what you're passionate about. Here are seven powerful benefits of creating a strong personal brand.

Personal Branding can be a powerful tool for success. If you are marketing yourself or your professional services, a strong personal brand will draw people and opportunities to you like a magnet.

Personal Branding is about honing your skills, narrowing your focus, and getting clear on what you're passionate about.

Branding is not just about you being better than your competition. It's about getting your prospects to choose you as the ONLY solution to their problem.

Here are seven powerful benefits of creating a strong personal brand:

1. Increase your competitive edge
One of the greatest benefits to you of having a strong brand is that it creates a sense of individuality and "separateness" in the marketplace so that your clients are able to easily differentiate your company from your competitors.

2. Catapult your authentic self into the marketplace
Your brand is deeply rooted in your authentic personal identity. The goal of personal branding is to be known for who you are as a person and what you stand for. Your brand is a reflection of who you are, your opinions, values, and beliefs that are visibly expressed by what you say and do, and how you do it.

In effect, it evolves from the search for identity and meaning. For many, it's about using your best talents and gifts in the service of others. With a clearly defined personal brand strategy, you will create your life from a level of personal authenticity that reflects your deepest priorities.

3. Focus your time and talents to achieve maximum leverage
Your personal brand plan can become your own compass or personal North Star. It can guide all your actions and communications so that you demonstrate authenticity and consistency in all your interactions.

4. Create top of mind awareness for your business or professional services
Product and service differentiation has now shifted to brand differentiation. It means consumers do not distinguish products and services, but brands. The branding process allows you to take control of your identity and influence the perception others will have about you and the services you offer.

5. Create the buzz to increase demand for your products, services and expertise

You can achieve effortless business growth using simple branding solutions to generate word-of-mouth marketing through the invisible networks that the buzz spreads through.

Your brand will connect you with the movers and shakers who will send you referrals and give you testimonials. It will get people talking about you to stimulate customer-to-customer selling. Persistent action to communicate your brand consistently through many channels will start to generate the buzz and create excitement for your products and services.

6. Generate more sales and higher income in less time
Most professionals don't reach their full income potential. A strong personal brand will enable you to effortlessly attract clients and opportunities. You will position yourself in the mind of your marketplace as THE service provider of choice to dominate your market and command higher fees - work less and make more!

7. Establish yourself as an expert and become a celebrity in your area of specialty
Gain name recognition in your area of expertise where it counts the most - in your customer's mind. Make a lasting impression and be super-rewarded for your individuality.

Trust, respect, and admiration will follow when your name and message are embedded repeatedly into the consciousness of your target market. You will be perceived as an expert the more you are visible to your target audience. Your brand will propel you to the top in your marketplace.

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