As you count the ways you're grateful for your 2009, why not take some time out to reflect on how you want to feel this time next year? What do you want 2010 to be like for you?

If you consciously decide on what you want to achieve in 2010, you stand a much higher chance of making your dreams a reality than if you just take a passive stance and see what happens to you. If you don't bother to define your dream destination, you risk ending up somewhere disappointing.

Setting crystal clear intentions for your new year is powerful. Sadly, we often spend more time planning our weddings or our holidays than planning our lives. (And yes, there is still lots of room for spontaneity if you set your intentions!)

So let me invite you now to take an hour, find your favourite comfortable place, maybe in front of the fire with a hot chocolate, or glass of champagne, take a journal or any blank notebook, and let's get started. Really focus on your vision for yourself in 2010; what do you want to create for your life and your work in the next year?
Ask yourself...Where do I most want to be by this time next year? Whether it's your career, your personal relationship, your spiritual life, your finances, your happiness level...write down one clear intention for each area.

At this point we're not writing down specific goals (that can come later), but instead following our instinct and our heart about what direction we want to go in, how we want to feel.

If you feel inclined (and only if), share your thinking process and reflect more deeply on your intentions.

Keep your journal/notebook somewhere accessible. You might want to write your intentions on a card and keep it in your diary or on your desk at home, somewhere visible.

Next month we'll explore how to turn your intentions into actions and results!

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