A data centre’s profit-generating capacity is always dependent on a strong maintenance plan and a reliable loadbank supplier. This is to ensure it functions at its optimal best along with providing a record on the unit’s performance.

A sound data centre management plan also should consist of both predictive and preventative measures to achieve proper results. This post will explain all of this in details. 

So, follow closely! 

Beginning With Predictive Approaches:-

Simply put- predictive measures mainly incorporates analysing changes in trend along with existing and potential irregularities to keep the unit in check. Also, by monitoring the unit thoroughly, operators have a clear picture of real-time data issues which they can use to avert such potential failures. 

As this predictive maintenance gauges the performance and state of the equipment, a lot of key aspects require checking. Some of the crucial tests done by a loadbank hire arrangement for a predictive maintenance plan includes:-

  • Checking for faults and irregularities registered on the unit’s UPS panel.
  • Inspecting around the UPS area for potential vibrations.
  • And monitoring the UPS cooling process to ensure optimal cooling.
  • Verifying the PDU power circuit loading and functions relevant to all critical power metres.
  • Correctly evaluating the voltage and frequency to check for stable outputs.
  • Searching for excessive fluids which indicate leaks existing in the cooling system and the unit’s engine.
  • Keeping an eye on the engine temperature to make sure its power is in the normal range.
  • Inspecting oil pressure and checking for excessive smoke.
  • Examining those racks, loose bolts, cracking rust and other possible damages that come about, with time.

Now Moving Over To Preventative Maintenance:-

As opposed to predictive maintenance, preventative upkeep includes enhancing the life of the unit by testing components regularly- particularly those that lead to a data centre unit failure. 

The key inspections that ought to include in a preventative maintenance plan are as follows:-

  • Thoroughly inspecting the generators particularly its fuel quality, air filter, hoses, belts, coolant, fuel and water separators etc.
  • Using loadbank testers to check the system’s operation level and condition.
  • Performing a visual inspection of the unit along with cleaning and calibrating each monitoring components.
  • Checking the configuration management database (CMDB) and ensuring the backup systems are working properly.
  • Inspecting logs for any signs of irregularities along with carrying out hard-disk scans. 

Take Help From Quality Loadbank Rental Companies:-

If one wishes to set up their data centre management plan in a seamless manner, then it would be wise to contact a reliable loadbank rental companies serving Australia to do it.

The top service providers consist of a large inventory of both reactive and resistive loadbank, units (5000kW to 4500Kva) to conduct testing operations across many sectors. With that, they will also provide round the clock technical assistance for every maintenance project. 

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Author's Bio: 

The author works as a tester in one of the top loadbank rental companies serving Australia. And being in this industry for years, the author even educates the readers on how loadbank hire companies play such an integral part of so many industries.