Setting life goals has been one of the most well known secrets of highly effective people, and being able to do that effectively should be one of the skills you ought to aim to master in this life.

So what is the main secret behind setting effective goals for your life? The answer may surprise you, but it’s just the simple idea of writing out a plan.

Plans are important in setting life goals because they serve as blueprints, scripts, or as maps. And you know how helpful they can be used as guides, especially if you’re lost and just wandering through life aimlessly.

A plan also helps to track your progress in life, and helps you to decide if changes are necessary.

Then again, not everyone knows how to craft up an effective plan when setting life goals. If you’re having trouble too, then the following 3 steps would be able to help you.

They are generally regarded as the most basic steps you need to apply when setting life goals, so make sure you have them in check.

Step 1 – Make It Step By Step

Instead of setting your life goals in a messy chunk that has no order, you’ll need to plan it in a step by step fashion. That has been regarded by many experts as the best way of setting life goals.

For a start, just write down what you have in mind. Don’t even think about edits for now. Write down all that you want to achieve for now.

Also, write them straight to the point. Don’t write long statements for now.

Steps 2 – Go Through Your Plan Again.

Step 1 is just the start to help you put everything down on paper without giving much consideration. But from step 2 onwards, you need to take a close look at your plan and constantly ask yourself this question at each step of your plan.

“Will this take me towards my goal, or further away from it”

Don’t rush this process. Slowly go through them one by one, and eliminate those that do hinder you from accomplishing your goals. Only keep the necessary ones.

Tip 3 – Expand On Your Important Steps

Chances are, when you’re setting life goals, there are steps you put in that can be broken down into sub-steps. And in this step, you’ll need to examine all your steps left from step 2 and see if there are any you can expand on.

The reason for this is because small steps give you the clarity of what needs to be done in order to achieve a bigger objective. And if a step proves too big to take, you’ll get stuck on your goal.

And once this step is done, what you’ll end up with is a great plan that is detailed enough for you to take consistent action towards your life goals. And that’s setting life goals effectively in a nutshell.

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