The very initial step towards a happy, successful and fruitful life is setting a career goal. But what is your definition of success? At the start of your career, you may have thought of a goal and also had a clear idea of where you are going.

Or, maybe you have reached halfway towards your career, and have no idea where you are going, and are always in two minds, as to whether this is your right career.

Any of these two options sound familiar to you? This is a good indication that you need to set a career goal, for which a plan needs to be put in place. But, before starting anything, take time out and try to decide as to what you want to happen in your career. Have a seat, relax and jot down all your aspirations and goals. Try to create a chart to assess as to whether you are near any of these goals.

Some people take a few minutes to set their career goals. It maybe while talking to friends for a few minutes or silently thinking it out, some need a drink to think it out. But the most ideal way is thinking about it during your most balanced periods. It is very important, as this is a career goal that can ruin your life or bring countless blessings.

Below, I have mentioned some ideas on how best to go about trying to set your career goals.

Be realistic on what you want to be

What can be more annoying than a person who is trying to say something to you, yet you have no idea what he is saying? Your inner self can be such a person. It is very frustrating to be confused and indecisive, and if you allow this habit to grow you will never search for your career goals.

The best plans are those that are the most detailed. Take for example, the goal of purchasing a car. When you write down, “Own a car in 3 years”, you are not realistic and specific enough. Instead try writing down, “Buy a Black Audi by September 2012”. Forget about the critic inside of you and just go and write your goals.

Express the plan

If you want to be self motivated, then try talking about the plan regularly. In fact, try discussing the plan with your friends. They can provide inputs to help you make a better decision. But remember, this is your life, so it has to be your decision. Do not make the mistake of allowing others to choose for you.

Find other alternatives

Not all the routes towards achieving your goals are open. Some are just impassable. So make sure you have alternative routes. Do not get bowed down by this. Instead, look for all options to push your journey.

Consider the procedure to achieve your career goal is like a journey. You must be open to everything, every possibility. This will help you learn during the journey. The information gathered while traversing can be used to assess and re-assess your career. It can also help to regularly review your earlier career goals, make necessary improvements, revisions and even additions.

The guidelines that are mentioned above should be enough to help you in setting your career goal. But there is one more thing that is more important and that is the fact : Learn to love yourself.

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