Everyone knows that setting goals is the foundation for reaching your biggest dreams but few know how to begin. Even when most people become good goal setters, they may still lack the tools needed to implement their plan. That’s where Building a Group comes in handy.

Groups offer you incredible benefits on many levels:

They offer you support
Their input and counsel can keep overwhelm at bay
Their insight can lend direction towards reaching your objectives faster
They may have networking opportunities for you that increase your opportunity for success
Their advice and feedback can give you clarity, insight, and greater focus

There are three types of groups you can build to reinforce your goals and make the journey a successful one:

Peers you check in with on a regular basis to get feedback and support from
People whose expertise can actually assist you with your project or goal (i.e. a copywriter, a graphic designer, a sales person, etc.)
Someone who can act as a mentor

To be truly effective at goal setting, that goal must first be developed out of a need or passion. When you are passionate or excited about a goal, typically you become more focused on reaching it. If you’re unhappy or dissatisfied with something in your life, this too can be a great motivator towards clearly seeing your goal.

Once you have this goal fixed in your mind, next you need to make a decision of how you will begin your journey and what first steps are necessary to take.

Use other people as sounding boards to get their feedback. Don’t worry if your goal hasn’t been perfected yet. Remember, progress, not perfection is where real success comes from.

Another tool that will increase your chances of success is learning how to “ask”. This is a secret that few have mastered when going after their goal. Asking can come in the form of asking for advice, counsel, direction, feedback, and support. This powerful tool has helped many successful people accomplish their biggest hurdles and reach their greatest dreams.

We are not meant to be isolated people, yet many tend to never seek out the advice and help of others. Many feel it’s a sign of weakness, when in fact it’s the complete opposite. If you think about it, self worth and self esteem are developed when encouraged and supported through the “Group”, not on their own. In fact, the reason people can successfully achieve goals on their own is because they’ve tapped into the strength and power of a GROUP. The athlete is stronger as part of a group. The employee is more confident when part of a group. The individual is more creative, confident, driven, and motivated when part of a group.

When it comes to successfully setting goals, the best formula is to have a clear vision, followed by a decision to execute your plan, followed by the ability to use the power of others to help you reach the finish line to success. And of course, see your goal and review it every day until that goal is achieved.

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