Umrah is a journey towards tranquility, that holds a higher significance in Islam. Umrah is not an obligatory form of worship, however, still it is a privilege for the chosen ones who perform it. Umrah is a smaller pilgrimage than Hajj. Hajj has a variety of rituals that need to be performed during the pilgrimage. While Umrah is a smaller journey with fewer rituals to perform. However, similar to Hajj it is preferred to perform Umrah in a group, and for that, there are multiple budget-friendly group Umrah packages.

Umrah has some rituals, with the four main ones given below:
• Tawaf: This ritual requires Muslims to take rounds of the Holy Kaaba seven times.

• Sa’i: In this ritual, seven rounds are to be taken between the Safa and Marwah hills. Sa’i is an important ritual as it commemorates the struggle of Bibi Hajra in search of water for her son, and God answering her prayers.

• Halq or Taqsir: Halq means to trim hair for Umrah, while Taqsir is completely shaving the head. Men need to choose one of the options as it is compulsory for them to shorten their hair in order to perform Umrah.

• Ihram: Ihram is the dress code for men for performing their Umrah or Hajj. The same type of dress strips away all the differences of cast, color, creed, race, social status, etc.

Umrah is an important pilgrimage, not all Muslims are blessed with the opportunity to perform it. While those who do perform it, prefer to set on this holy journey with their loved ones instead of traveling alone. Group Umrah packages are the best packages for such individuals who like to keep their circle with them through everything. Umrah through group Umrah packages can be convenient and more comfortable than alone.

What are the benefits of Group Umrah Packages?
There are many benefits of performing Umrah in a group. One of the most important benefits is that individuals can count on their loved ones for a lot of things that they would have to worry about when alone. Muslims can take their family, friends, and relatives. Having an entire group of known people around helps in various ways. The following are the major reasons why Muslims prefer to avail of the group Umrah packages:

Family or friends can take care of one another’s belongings. In this aspect, if an individual is performing Umrah or Hajj alone has to remain vigilant all the time, to not lose their belongings.

• The crowd does not affect so much when people are performing Umrah in a group. However, when Muslims perform solo, they have to be conscious about their direction, belongings, and everything else.

• While performing Umrah or Hajj there are commonly many people gathered at one place, which makes it difficult for people who are all by themselves in such a situation. But when people perform in a group they can look after one another through the tiring and difficult situations that one has to deal with on the journey of Umrah.

Umrah is a blessed pilgrimage but it is not as easy as it may seem, but not more difficult than Hajj either. For this reason, Muslims choose group Umrah packages to take their families along with them at once instead of performing it individually. Group Umrah packages offer many more benefits than just traveling with loved ones.

What type of facilities are offered in Group Umrah Packages?
There is a variety of amenities provided to Muslims in group Umrah packages. These Umrah packages not only offer to travel in a group but also take care of several important aspects such as visa, ticket, guided tour, flights, different budget-friendly deals, etc. Traveling for Umrah through accessing group Umrah packages allows Muslims to enjoy a pocket-friendly journey filled with many facilities.
There are different deals in group Umrah packages as well, such as:

3-Star packages
4-Star packages
5-Star packages

What do the 3-star packages offer?

The 3-star package deal provides the Umrah performers with several amenities such as luxury hoteling, internet services, breakfast, etc. These packages also include tickets, visas, and other flight necessities. Muslims Holy Travel is the perfect platform that offers the best group Umrah packages, making sure that their customers have the finest holy experience.

What do the 4-star packages offer?

The 4-star packages include hotels nearer to the harem, shopping malls, guided tours of historical sites, breakfast and lunch, internet, etc. All these amenities are provided alongside visas, tickets, and flight facilities. The agents of the traveling agency make sure to look after their travelers from their departure till their return from Umrah.

What do the 5-star packages offer?

The 5-star group Umrah packages are all-inclusive deals having every facility that people can think of. These packages include luxury hotels closest to the harem, grand malls, guided Ziyarat tours, internet services, and 3-time food courses (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), etc. These countless amenities with visas, and tickets, make it worth availing for Muslims who plan to travel with their families.
Such facilities provided in group Umrah packages leave no choice for Muslims to just choose it instantly in comparison to any other package. This deal is a whole package, providing all kinds of services to its travelers. Being closer to the Great Makkah Mosque makes it a less tiring experience for Muslims. Performing with family also allows people to execute all their prayers and rituals properly as they have peace of mind when they are with loved ones. People also feel safer and comfortable having their people with them, making it peaceful for them.

Group Umrah packages are the best way of traveling for Umrah for all Muslims. These packages are specially designed for all social classes, as the religious pilgrimage of Umrah is the same for all regardless of cast, color, race, or economic status, thus, these packages have also been designed so that Muslims from all social backgrounds can experience the Holy beauty of Makkah and Madinah and worship God at the Holy Kaaba.

Muslims Holy Travel is the most trusted verified platform for offering the finest budget-friendly group Umrah packages.

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