Today’s market trend is prevalent with the dominance of servo voltage stabilizers manufacturers and suppliers. Electrical and electronic appliances used anywhere should be posed to the best maintenance with the help of stabilizers without which any standard device may lose its standard within no time. Among the manifold options, servo voltage stabilizers are the best defenders of such equipment. This article gives brief information on what they are and why to use them for the ideal electric services.
What is a Servo Voltage Stabilizer?
A servo voltage stabilizer, as the name suggests, is based on the servo mechanism. It enables voltage corrections in case of fluctuations and maintains the right output for any electric or electronic device. The servo motor is the main element of these servo stabilizers– it manipulates the changes in voltage in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction and regulates its maintenance. This servo stabilizer can be used for industrial, residential, and commercial purposes.
The servo controlled voltage stabilizers provide ±1% voltage output even if there is a voltage alteration up to ±50%. It enables higher load capacity as it can support up to 3000KVA. They are more accurate and so popular when compared to the traditional relay transformers.
Components of a Servo Voltage Stabilizer
Here are the main components of a servo controlled voltage stabilizer.
• Dimmer
It is also termed as a variable transformer and its main function is to increase or decrease the input voltage to the next component. It is mainly responsible for mostly 50% of the increase and decrease in the output voltage. It is round in shape built with a Silicon toroidal core for the base and copper wire.

• Buck Boost Transformer
It acts as a connector between the input and output load terminals– it is a transformer which manages the voltage settings that are remained upon voltage increase or decrease by the dimmer. Unlike the variable transformer, it is rectangular in shape with EI CRGO core. In order to ensure its long life, the buck-boost transformer (the windings inside and the transformer as a whole) is varnished well to protect from the environment. Any coils of wires in this important component are truly insulated by the varnish.

• Servomotor
It is the most vital component of servo voltage stabilizers. Based on the input voltage, it enables the arm that is connected to the dimmer to move in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. It is the leading part of the servo stabilizers responsible for initiating voltage maintenance.

• Carbon brush
It a moving part attached to the dimmer and is intended to move along during voltage alterations. Like any other component, its quality should also be maintained well as it erases more easily upon frequent voltage variations. The manufacturers and suppliers of servo voltage stabilizers like Servomax Limited use high-quality carbon brushes to maintain long-lasting performance.

• Contactor
This is an exceptional component that cuts the output of a servo stabilizer when there is an exceeding prescribed limit.

MCB – Miniature Circuit Breaker of a servo controlled voltage stabilizer is engaged to enable switch on or off of the stabilizer. It helps against any evidence of short circuits.
MCCB –Molded Case Circuit Breaker, on the other hand ensures the protection of the device from overloads.

• Electronic Circuit
An electronic circuit provides signals to various parts of the servo stabilizer and the device works as per the signals to correct the voltage.
While these are the important components of a servo voltage stabilizer, there are even certain accessory elements like ampere meter, voltmeter, connectors, and many others.
Single Phase and Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizers
Servo voltage stabilizers can be single-phase or three-phase balanced types or three-phase unbalanced types.
In a servo voltage stabilizer which is a single phase, the voltage corrections are done by a servo motor which is coupled to a single variable transformer. Whereas, in the case of a three-phase balanced type of servo stabilizer, there will be three autotransformers that are coupled with the servo motor. So, upon fluctuations, the stabilized output is ensured empowered with higher rates of accuracy and efficiency.
In a three-phase unbalanced type of servo voltage stabilizer, there will be a coupling of three independent servo motors with three autotransformers – so you can find three separate control circuits for such units.
How does the servo voltage stabilizer work?
Though it is found to be tricky, understanding the working of a servo voltage stabilizer is simple. Here is an easy way of explanation of how a servo-controlled voltage stabilizer works.

By now, you might have caught the right point – the primary of the buck-boost transformer is connected to the autotransformer. The secondary end is coupled with the moving arm which in turn is controlled by the servo motor. Furthermore, a series connection is found between the secondary buck boost transformer and the incoming supply.
Now, let’s understand its working in an easy stepwise way.
1. The input voltage from the device is detected by the electronic control circuit. Powerful Servomax Limited servo voltage stabilizers use microcontrollers and microprocessors to embed in it – they show the input voltage; they are provided with a standard reference voltage source. So, they can easily find the dip or the rise in voltage.
2. With the simultaneous detection, the circuit identifies an error – so it signals the motor which moves in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction to manage the voltage change.
3. As the motor is attached to the arm or shaft on the autotransformer, upon a continuous mechanism, there will be a final impact on the buck-boost transformer (primary).
4. By necessary changes made, the voltage from the secondary buck-boost transformer will be the desired output voltage.
This way, servo controlled stabilizers are more efficient – they manage and manipulate the changes within no time. The single phase and three phase servo voltage stabilizers are available in oil and air cooled units in different sizes and varieties.
Why to Prefer Servo Voltage Stabilizers?
Servo voltage stabilizers, by their intrinsic technical features, are eminently preferred when compared to any other models. This is because of the following amazing advantages with respect to the device and purpose too.
• Its output voltage correction is up to ±1% enabling higher accuracy.
• It includes the advanced technologies to incur better results of voltage stabilization.
• It supports a higher load capacity up to 3000 KVA.
• The step less correction of voltage is the specific feature of a servo motor based voltage stabilizer.
• Fluctuated voltages are adjusted by switchless systems at desired levels.
• With its best features, it is preferably used for hospitals and healthcare units – machinery like X-ray machines, CAT scans, and radiation and diagnostic equipment are coupled with servo voltage stabilizers.
• It is a secured stabilizing choice for schools and offices.
• It is available in different units – air cooled and oil cooled.
• It enables a minimal failure rate of various electrical and electronic equipment.
• It is the best support for safety and protection – it avoids many accidents – prevents fire accidents, and avoids loss of production and human life.
• It helps in ensuring faster, instant, and immediate response for any input voltage transients.
• It is the best means for minimizing the power consumption – it helps devices to use adequate power required for their normal functioning. In this way, it serves as an outstanding energy-saver and also reduces the electricity bills.
• It is associated with lower maintenance costs; it is an affordable option for industrial and commercial firms.
• It increases the durability and life expectancy of various devices, machinery, and equipment. Therefore, the quality of the electric appliances is automatically improved.
• It is able to withstand inrush currents and is also highly reliable.
• It secures industrial machinery and prevents susceptible damages.
While these are some of the benefits to make you prefer servo voltage stabilizers, there are many others which help people, firms, and organizations to follow energy saving strategies.
Want to choose a suitable servo voltage stabilizer?
Then you should consider some important things to make an apt selection.
• Input voltage range
• Output voltage range
• Type of load – balanced or unbalanced
• Type of voltage – balanced or unbalanced
• KVA rating
• Protection type
• Air or oil cooled units
Also, based on your purpose whether residential or industrial, the range of input and output voltage varies. The type of machinery or electrical equipment present in your homes or firms varies the requirement of stabilization. In turn, this decides the capacity, load, or voltage types. You should also check for the mode of protection – whether you need protection against over voltage or under voltage or short circuit – then decide the model of servo controlled voltage stabilizer.
Servomax Limited – The Right Solution for Servo Voltage Stabilizers
Servomax Limited serves an appropriate solution for those who requisite for servo voltage stabilizers. It stands top among the manufacturers and suppliers of servo controlled voltage stabilizers in Hyderabad. It inputs greater efforts in designing the products with advanced technological features in assorted varieties. Servomax Limited is engaged in full-fledged production of single phase and three phase servo voltage stabilizers. It designs the stabilizers to protect electric and electronic equipment from high and low voltage as well.
Extensive protection for over load and short circuits is assured by Servomax Limited servo stabilizers – the products are loaded with MCB, MCCB, and other technical means for this. The stabilizers are also framed with metering on LCD display – they include input volt meters, output volt meter, frequency meter, and ammeter. The electric control circuit of the Servomax Limited servo stabilizers is built with specialized micro-controller system.
The organization offers servo stabilizers of oil and air cooled units too. It is pleased to serve residential needs and also assures effective products to small, medium, and large-scale industries. However, there is no compromise in the quality and efficiency of the products it serves. The stabilizers from Servomax Limited give quick response within 10 millisec and, therefore, act instantly. Apart from the manufacturing unit, it is also engaged to provide quality service of the servo voltage stabilizers.
In a way to enable lesser power consumption and promote green-saving nature, Servomax Limited strives to assure go green products and services to ensure adequate power resources for the future generations. So, as you go across your way to find a servo voltage stabilizer for your home or industry, better prefer Servomax Limited and participate in promoting a green environment.

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Servomax Limited strives to assure go green products and services to ensure adequate power resources for the future generations.