These days, leisure and business travelers on an extended trip can select to stay in a serviced apartment instead of a hotel. A serviced apartment is a fully equipped apartment available for long or short term stays. Hotels are at their peak for shorter stays, when preparing your own food is not a problem. When a decent bed and on-demand service is what you require. Serviced apartments offer you the opportunity to settle in, even if you’re only in town for a week. By giving you the freedom of your own apartment or house and adding the service of a hotel to it. There’re some differences between serviced apartments and hotels, and knowing these differences will assist you to determine which is right for your upcoming travel. Here’re some differences between serviced apartments and hotels.


Hotel rooms, particularly in cramped cities such as New York, can be quite little. Big suites can be available, but they come at a premium. A serviced apartment, on the other hand, is a normal-sized studio, 1, 2 or 3-bedroom apartment, on average providing 30 to 50 percent more space than a typical hotel room. You have much more room to work, live, relax, and spread out.

Kitchen Availability

It’s not common for a hotel room to involve a kitchen, and even if it does, it will probably be a small one that is not furnished and perhaps, with no condiments or utensils. A furnished apartment will certainly come with a fully-sized, ready to go kitchen, enabling you to prepare homemade meals and store beverages and food in the refrigerator. You can eat also eat your own peculiar diet and of course save money spent on going to restaurants.

Furniture and Equipment

Several hotel rooms offer small more than a bath and a bed, desk, a dresser, wardrobe, or little couch can be involved if you are lucky. Serviced apartments are fully furnished with all the usual furniture you did discover in a home. They are also fully furnished with everything you require to live and cook, from pans and pots to laundry baskets. Speaking of laundry baskets, few serviced apartments even have an in-unit dryer or washer.

Typical Length of Stay

Apart from hotels that specialize in extended stays, hotels are by their nature made for short stays. However, a furnished apartment is made for a long stay. Depending on regulations and local laws, smaller stays of a week or more can be available. Staying in a hotel for a longer stay can be pretty difficult. With no kitchen, paying for laundry one item at a time, and little space.

Price Differences

Price differences between hotels and serviced apartments emerge when the length of stay is taken into account. Staying in a hotel for weeks on end can be exorbitantly costly, particularly with the reliance on dining out or room service. Cooking your own meals is so much more cost effective. Hotels are (on average) around 40% more expensive than serviced apartments. You will also advantage from tax savings by staying in a serviced apartment for an extended period of time. This can vary widely, however, by the municipality and your expected length of stay.


The amenities provided at serviced apartments and hotels can vary. Amenities a hotel has that a serviced apartment may lack involve room service, a mini-bar, an on-site restaurant and bar, a continental and spa breakfast. Depending on the building, serviced apartments will come with amenities such as a pool, resident lounges, fitness center, roof deck, terrace, attended lobby, and laundry facilities. Several of them are pet-friendly, Wi-Fi is almost always involved in the price of a serviced apartment, while hotels can  (and often do) charge extra for it.

Space and Privacy

Traditionally, business people and other travelers are used to hotel rooms which consist of telephone, TV, coffee, a bed or tea facilities, biscuits and bathroom if the hotel provides them. During these items are best for any traveler, a service apartment comes with more and that’s why it’s termed as a house away from the house. If you’re a business person who’ is continuously living out of suitcases staying in these hotel rooms, you’ll praise this luxury. Serviced apartments let you take off your shoes, close the door, watch your favorite TV show in the cook or lounge your meals in the kitchen. A serviced apartment lets you for privacy and space in your own surroundings. And you can do precisely what you will need to do if you were at home.

Furnished apartments instead of a hotel?

Residences such as furnished suites and serviced apartments are particularly designed to accommodate travelers and residents for the longer term. Obviously their remit is providing a place to live for most people but, they also provide a whole range of amenities and services that you will require while you stay.

But serviced apartments are not just limited to business people, even vacationers and tourists are appreciating this type of living arrangement. There’re many reasons why people select furnished or serviced over hotel rooms. These are as follows:

The main reason for the popularity of furnished apartments is that they’re comparatively cheaper than hotels. Furthermore, the cost of rent is fixed and you’re not required to pay any service charges and other taxes.

Also, furnished apartments offer you the freedom of traveling in groups. In hotels, only an allocated predetermined number of people are allowed in any room at any time, but there are no such restrictions in furnished apartments. They also have a living place, where you can spend and enjoy time together.

Furnished apartments provide you a homely atmosphere where you can enjoy and relax your day. On top of that, you’ll get a kitchen where you can cook food on your own and all other facilities in fully furnished apartments in El Paso. This way, you don’t have to spend money on food elsewhere. fully furnished apartments in El Paso

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