At the core of us is the desire to make a difference.
To be in service to another is a noble choice, yet to be in one’s own sovereignty is always a first preference. Giving and empowering another makes us feel needed and happy as long as it isn’t to the detriment of our own well being and autonomy.

Service is the act of giving, yet who is the recipient when you give to others? Giving and receiving may appear as separate exchanges, they are actually the same energy.
In choosing truth, assess your current attitude. How do you treat people? Can you improve your interaction with them?

As we give to others we simultaneously receive. Receiving happens in the moment we give through the welling up and overflow of positive feelings within us that benefit our physical and mental well-being. As we serve others we can allow these positive feelings to enrich our lives as well as the lives of others.
It is one of the basic laws of nature: Give and you will receive.
Have gratitude and be thankful for the life you are living now.
When gratitude and thanksgiving become a way of life, all abundance – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, co-exist simultaneously.
Service is an effortless way of being rather than any particular action. It occurs when we slow down and allow ourselves to experience life in the now.

When we live in the moment we experience our connection with life and others.
The aspiration to be of service connects our heart, mind and spirit in work, relationships and life. It can awaken talents and inspire new and meaningful ways to express them.
True service is giving unconditionally with no expectation of a return. It can be as simple as a smile, a compliment or a ‘thank you’. It could include providing encouragement, bringing lightness and humour to life’s situations and setting limits for our children. It can also mean mentoring one who would benefit from your experience or becoming an advocate to support a cause in your community. Performing unsolicited acts of kindness is also a way to be of service.

There are an infinite number of possibilities for each of us to serve effortlessly every day. Individuals feel respected and validated as human beings when we listen, even when our point of view differs. When we listen, we connect with people as human beings and invite creativity, inspiration and wisdom to emerge in them, as well as in ourselves.

Let’s visualise a change and imagine living your life so that every action is one of service.
Make a habit of being helpful and a point to frequently ask “How can I be of help?” and check you motives.
Evaluate what you can actually commit to, without compromising your personal sovereignty, and go for it.

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Sharon Ellis is an International Teacher of Serenity Vibration Healing & Enlightenment Technique, Reiki Master, Remote Viewer, Reflexologist, Healer & Author. Visit her official web site for information on workshops and persoanl healing sessions available all year round.