Banquet halls in Ocean County NJ hire servers to help prepare the banquet and tables before the guests arrive and serving the different courses and dishes to the guests during the meal. They will also clean the tables during the banquet, refill water glasses, and when over, they will clean the banquet area. Banquets in Ocean County NJ are generally held at private clubs, resorts, or hotels for large parties and events. At these large events, there may be as many as one hundred or more guests. The banquet servers tend to the needs of these guests as they would if in a restaurant but are more team focused.

Before the event

The responsibilities and duties of the banquet service will begin before the guests even arrive. Some of these duties include:

• Prepare the banquet halls in Ocean Country NJ for the event, which can include setting out the linens on the table, putting the silverware, water glasses, napkins on the table, salt and pepper shakers, and any other things that need to be placed on the table
• Although the server does not necessarily cook and prepare the food for the banquet, they should be familiar with the dishes served and what is on the menu so they can answer any questions the guests may have about the meal.

During the event

The servers at the banquets in Ocean County NJ are the ones who serve the guests. They start by serving the women at the table. If they are using a buffet style delivered to the tables the dishes will be passed from the guests left side. Any empty plates or bowls are removed from the right side of the guests. It is done this way so other dishes can come in from the left side. The servers are also responsible for keeping full glasses of water or any beverage that has been served.

After the event

Once the meal at the banquet halls in Ocean County NJ is finished, it will be the server’s responsibility to clear away all the glasses and dishes left at the table and brought to the dish washing stations to be cleaned. They will also have to clear away anything else such as table decorations or linens. Depending on the banquet hall, the servers may be responsible for wiping down the tables and making sure the floor is clean.

As a banquet server you will need to work with together with the other servers to make sure the banquet was a success and that all of the guests were satisfied. The server will need to have the ability to multitask and have excellent customer service skills. If alcohol is served, the server must be at least twenty-one years of age to work the banquet.

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