When I read an article that annoys me, I usually just shake my head and move forward. Today however I cannot without comment. It is unfortunate that the article that has upset me is from a source that I usually have a great respect for, the Conference Board of Canada.

Yesterday I received my regular email and notification from the Conference Board of Canada. I glanced through all the headlines and seen the following;

STEM education must be reformed to engage Indigenous Youth!

Just under the headline and a generalized reference to a statistic that says jobs requiring expertise in STEM is growing at an astonishing rate, the author goes on to say:

“yet Indigenous youth remain underrepresented in skilled well-paid STEM jobs!

Where have you been?

Using the new and emerging acronym, (STEM), is just another way of speaking about education, using the acronym does not make it a more or less glorious subject!

So, for the record Indigenous people, teachers, leaders, chiefs both locally, provincially and nationally have been calling for increased funding for Indigenous education and schools for decades.

So instead of stating the obvious let’s talk about a solution, lets contact our local MP’s and show support for increased funding for education, for schools, for curriculum development for engagement!

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