When it comes to achieving the American Dream, many tales of grit, determination, and success inspire generations to come. Sergiy Korelov, a serial entrepreneur, business owner, mentor, husband, and father, is one such inspiring figure who embodies this quintessential way of life. His journey from a foreign land to the United States, and his rise as a prominent figure in the interior design and construction industry, is a shining example of the power of hard work, passion, and unwavering belief in oneself.


Born into a family with a long lineage of woodworkers and craftsmen, Sergiy's roots in the world of construction and home improvement were ingrained from an early age. However, his path to success in the United States was anything but straightforward. Over two decades ago, Sergiy won the Green Card Lottery, giving him a life-changing opportunity.

“I traveled from Ukraine to Alaska with a 2-year-old toddler and my pregnant wife,” Sergiy says. “I ended up there with limited knowledge of business life, banking systems, a capitalistic mindset, and only $1500 cash in my pocket after selling everything we had.”

Settling in a place far different from the one he knew, Sergiy faced a language barrier and a lack of understanding of the American business landscape — but he refused to let these challenges discourage him. He took on three jobs and worked tirelessly day and night to build a foundation for his family

“In Alaska, I wore multiple hats, being a father, husband, and pastor of a local church. We started a Word of Life ministry there, and my influence grew,” he explains. “I was preaching for thousands of people, including government officials and dignitaries. I was invited to serve on the planning commission, contributing socially and politically.”

Sergiy's entrepreneurial spirit and passion for creativity led him to venture into the construction and woodworking industry. His talents and hard work were soon recognized, earning him numerous awards and accolades. He was invited to serve as a director for a local building association and played a significant role in the community.

After an enriching chapter in Alaska, Sergiy and his family set their sights on warmer climates and explored various states before settling in Southern California. While the transition certainly presented its fair share of obstacles, it also led him to build a thriving interior design and construction company, EuroCasa.co and video, audio, and podcast studio, KoreStudio.com.  

“Moving from Alaska to California was a big change, and I had to start from humble beginnings again, working as a handyman and doing various jobs,” he says. “However, I built the business from the ground up again. I have two kitchen and bathroom showrooms, a success story of achieving the American Dream.”

While Sergiy takes immense pride in the career and businesses he built from scratch, his family life is what gives him the most joy and fulfillment.  

“I am incredibly pleased, happy, and blessed that my four children have chosen such a positive and fulfilling path in life,” Sergiy says. “They often express that I am their role model. Their honor and respect mean the world to me, and knowing that they are not ashamed but rather proud of me has made my life complete.”

Sergiy's success in business and his fulfilling family life did not dampen his ambition. Rather, it fueled his desire to make a difference in the lives of others. Passionate about inspiring and mentoring younger designers, he sought to share his knowledge and expertise to help others find their own creative voices through a podcast he created, Kore Nation.

"If you work hard, smart, and make the right choices, it's possible you can come from very humble beginnings and build something great," Sergiy says. 

Sergiy Korelov's life journey epitomizes the American Dream — a tale of humble beginnings, hard work, and a passion for creativity and personal growth. From his upbringing in Ukraine to becoming a renowned interior design and construction entrepreneur, Sergiy's story inspires those who dare to dream big and create their own unique path to success. 

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