Your child gets suspended from school. The car breaks down on the highway. Oh no, a flunked final. A wife asks for a divorce. The doctor tells you that you have a terminal disease. We survive a natural disaster. Can we match calamity with serenity.
No matter what comes down the pike, can you have grace under pressure. Let’s keep our cool, when there is utter mayhem around us. Can there be pure equanimity and peace in the eye of the storm.
Finally, after many years of self exploration, my goal is to keep my serenity as my highest priority, no matter what! At times I can be in situations where I am surrounded by explosive people and extremely challenging circumstances. My commitment to my fellow conscious friends is to disengage and keep my spiritual well being as my number one focus.
Here are some tools to keep proactive rather than reactive:
feel your feet on the earth
bring awareness to your surroundings or leave your surroundings
.leave the negative energy field of the person or environment if possible
set a boundary verbally (calmly) if needed
do or think something to trigger joy
follow your bliss and continually go where the love is

Author's Bio: 

Susan Foxley is a yoga instructor, life coach, and bodyworker for over eighteen years. She incorporates all three modalities in all her delightful sessions. She has studied in India and currently teaches and resides in Santa Monica, California. Find out more about her at