If you just lost your job or you are a stay at home mom with young kids or you are fresh graduate who just could not find a good job opportunity, then you might want to look at starting a sheet fed printing business. It does not take much to start one. You need to have a computer and some creative tendencies to start with. And then you can just buy one units of a good quality printer and you are on. There are many kinds and sizes of sheet fed printers and so you really have a choice, depending on what you can afford.

Although the cheapest printer that you could get is the desktop printer, it may not be as profitable as industry-grade printers that can produce fast. But even for the bigger presses, there is still a small unit that you can afford.

Here are some guidelines that you can look into if you want to start a printing business.

Products You Can Offer
The products that you can make with printing are limitless. But you can start on the most common things that people use like personalized stationeries and memo pads, sticker names, wedding invitations, event fliers, birth announcements and many different kinds of cards like business cards, greetings cards, thank you cards, and postcards. All these products are printed on different grades of paper and your printer is versatile enough to handle all of them.

Build Up Your Templates
Now that you have already determined the products that you would like to offer, you make want to make templates for them so that your customers can just easily choose. You can do this for your memo pads, sticker names, and even invitations. The client will just choose a design and then personalize it with their information.

Customize Your Designs
You may also provide templates where clients can customize their designs, as to size, color, or graphics to be used. You can also provide them with a list of fonts where they can easily choose from. You may also want to offer customized items that people can give as gifts, like a set of stationeries in embellished boxes. There are so many things that you can do with paper, printing, and scrapbooking supplies from the arts and crafts store. You can make bookmarks or desktop decors. Use your imagination and research the net for exciting ideas that you can use.

Market through the Internet
For your initial operations, you can offer your products and services to family members, relatives, and friends. You may also announce your home-based business through a social networking site or your blog. You may want to focus on customers in your locality first until your system is working.

You can easily make your sheet fed printing business grow with the right marketing and of course, hard work. When your orders are already too much too handle, then you can consider buying another printer unit so that you can print different jobs on two printers at the same time. Look at the newer models of sheet fed printers available as you may find a more efficient working one at a good price. You may also want to hire somebody on a part-time basis so that he or she can handle cutting, pasting, folding, or embellishing of your customized designs.

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