This article is for those people who are writing SEO articles and web content in their effort to attract more traffic to their website or blog. Here are the things that you need to keep in mind to generate positive response from your target audience:

1. Aim to deliver great value to your readers. Even before you start writing your articles, it will help if you commit yourself to giving your readers nothing but the best or the exact information that they’re looking for. Be reminded that these people will only act on your favor (click the link on your resource box, sign up to your newsletters, or complete your surveys) if they’re extremely happy with your articles. Be willing to go to extra length, if needed, to serve them really well. Strive to offer them with copies that are very informative and entertaining to read all the time. Believe me, your efforts will pay off big time if you do this.

2. Keyword research. Next step is to research for the keywords that are usually being searched by your target audience. This is something that you can’t do without in SEO writing. This is because you need to insert popular keywords on your articles and web content to make them search engine-friendly. Make use of reliable keyword tracker or keyword suggestion tools. Target those long tail keywords that are not extremely competitive but very popular to your potential clients.
3. Look for secondary keywords and other related terms. Latent semantic indexing technique can help you in making your articles search engine-friendly. The process includes looking for secondary keywords and related terms that you can also use on your articles. Using these words will help the search spiders in analyzing the relevance of your content to the keywords that you’re targeting. This can lead to better page ranking.

4. Look for interesting angles of your topics. With the number of people who are using article marketing, I am pretty sure that whatever topics you choose, they were already discussed by other article marketers. But you can still make your articles stand out from the crowd by discovering new, interesting angles that were not yet explored yet. This may require extensive research but it’s worth it. If you go down this route, you can be assured that you’ll get more attention in the online arena and you’ll easily make a name for yourself in your chosen niche.

5. Don’t be a keyword abuser. One of the most common problems with people who are trying to make their articles search engine-friendly is they tend to use more than enough keywords. Some of them would even insert their primary keywords on each of their sentence. Now, that would make your articles sound pretty awkward. To avoid issues about keyword spamming, ensure that the keyword density of each term that you’re targeting is just 1-2% of your word count.

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