A million buck question asked by business owners is whether to focus more on SEO or Google Adsense in their marketing campaign strategies. There is no simple and straightforward answer to this question. Different people have different lines of thought on which one best works for a business.

Well, the most appropriate strategy to employ depends on external factors influencing the type of marketing that works best for a business. Factors such as business budget, current revenue, time frames, industry type, and competitors significantly influence the marketing strategy a firm should choose.

It's worth conducting detailed research, or reach out to a digital marketing firm to understand the differences between SEO and Google Adsto determine which one best meets your business needs. To better understand these two terms and make an informed decision, check out the following insights on both.

What’s SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, commonly abbreviated as SEO, is a series of strategies implemented to increase a website's rank on search engine results pages(SERPs). Increasing the effectiveness of SEO depends on several aspects, including your choice of keywords. The words should be catchy to increase the effectiveness of the search.

For instance, if you own a business, let's say a restaurant, the goal of a digital marketing company is to ensure that the search result for the business website appears at the top of SERP such as Google or Bing.

SEO is a compelling marketing aspect. It's one of the highest converting strategies to bring in new customers. Targeting the right keywords in SEO ensures that websites show to the right people at the right time when the keywords are queried.

SEO ensures that people who're ready to buy and actively seeking to find specific products easily find results for their search.

On average, SEO results in higher conversion rates. People appear to have faith in websites that rank higher in their searches, therefore, more willing to make a purchase.

What does Google Adsense Mean?

Google Adsense, or commonly referred to as Google Ads, is a form of advertisement that displays an advert in Google triggered by a keyword search. Just like SEO, Google Ads work less the same.

When a user submits a Google search containing targeted keywords and location, the website will display in search results. However, this will show as a paid ad rather than a standard organic listing.

Unlike SEO listing, Google charges for Google Adsevery time a user clicks the advertisement. For some, this could be an initial turn-off.

It's always important to note that, although businesses pay for every click, the top three ad positions in Google benefit more as compared to the rest on the SERPs. They receive around 60% of all clicks. For this reason, it means that there are a lot of businesses to be made through Google ads.

Controlling the overall cost of Google Ads campaign depends on several factors. Location, keywords, targeted demographics, and the highest amount a business is willing to pay Google every time users click ads determine the priority ranking of a website on Google.

SEO vs. Google Ads: which one to settle for?

Ultimately, the decision depends on the type of business, website objectives, business budget, current revenue, time frames, industry types, among other factors. It's essential to first evaluate the business’s needs and relate them to the features that each of these two strategies provides.

SEO and Google Ads help businesses in different ways. Nowadays, people visit online platforms when they want answers to their burning questions. Both SEO and Google Ads provide results when trying to do business reviews or search for recommendations.

Traditionally, SEO is a cornerstone of successful online marketing. It gives a business the best chance of being found with ease in a pool of millions of similar businesses. Even though the optimization process may take time to grow, most people have trust in searches that have taken time to grow because they believe it gives the best results.

Google Ads enable a business to reach potential clients faster. With Google Ads, the size of a business doesn't matter. Both SMEs and large enterprises can utilize its features to stay afloat with new customer acquisition.

Also, a solid and lasting digital presence requires businesses to use both SEO and Google Ads by crafting suitable strategies. This would help in maximizing the online potential for brands to bring traffic to their websites.

Craft campaign strategies to accommodate both SEO and Google Ads

Businesses, whether a startup or a market force should invest in SEO to boost their organic rankings. Additionally, they should use Google Ads to help increase traffic and ensure that their ads show are conveniently displayed according to a user's activities online.

The strategies and benefits of both SEO and Google Ads help firms determine which method best suits their businesses. In some instances, one method would do better, while in some other situations, both approaches are preferable.

It’s highly recommended to devise marketing campaigns to accommodate both strategies for maximum results. you don’t have to do this yourself. There are a plethora of expert digital marketing service providers who can help your business implement both or one that best suit your campaigns.

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I'm Dean Braiden a professional digital marketer and co-founder of Seek Social LTD. It's a Multi Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency based in Manchester, England but services over the world.