Before moving directly to SEO trends of 2020 let’s try to understand the basic SEO. As we know SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is the simplest way to get organic traffic search results on search engines that means to top rank your website on the search engine results. And you might also have known by now if you are running a company or are a marketer that how important SEO is. In the sea of websites on search engines like google and yahoo, ranking your website on top and specifically on the 1st page is more like a necessity to get better traffic and conversions. But SEO is a fast-paced and dynamic field and it requires to be constantly updated with the trends.
Now let's come to the SEO trends that one should be aware in 2020.

The SERPs will get more consolidated:
The Search Engine Result Pages are changing constantly as you can easily notice. On the result pages, the number of ads has been increased and the organic result searches have been decreased. All this means that your website needs to be in the top five to be shown on the first page and you need to think outside the box to be on those five searches. This consolidation is making SEO tougher day by day and to work it out all you need is a good SEO manager or the SEO agency.

Importance of keyword research:
You can search on google using text or voice, keywords plays a very crucial part in the search. And the trick to crack the keywords is that one should never rely on one source for the keywords. Do multiple research and the best way is to search topics instead of keywords and then see the autosuggest keywords by google and incase of youtube see the youtube auto suggest for the searched video. The focus should be on more clicks than just the search result because that's what gonna build your customers.

VSEO will dominate
Voice Search Engine Optimization is getting trending nowadays as people are using voice search more than the text. And interestingly this number will increase in 2020. The keywords in those will play an important role as people use this for direct questions like how to cook pasta? It's getting started now but will be on the top in 2 years.

Importance of Local Businesses
Local businesses are getting more views and better ranking than ever and this will keep going as google gives more importance to the local businesses than the big firms. Including local culture content on your website will add on stuff that you can do to boost your ranking. Show more local engagement on your business and ask people to post reviews on google after the service you provide to them.

Video content
The websites with more legit videos will get a higher ranking than the others. Upload your videos on multiple platforms and share the link of the website with that at all social media. Include a transcript with your video and add proper captions. Thumbnail in the video content plays a crucial role as they are the first engagement step with the audience.

We should keep these trends in mind while doing SEO in 2020 to be on the top ranking. Hope this helps!

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