What’s SEO?
SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It’s the optimization process which is made for a website to get higher position in SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position).

SEO is the unique key of the door which provides access to millions. SEO is the most valuable key of digital marketing. The most important part of digital marketing is the search engine marketing. The most valuable key in search engine marketing which brings millions of internet users to your website is SEO.

SEO is a strategical mind game between the machine (Google bot) and the human (SEO specialist).

SEO world with a comparison:
Lets say the number one search engine of the world, Google, is a digital ocean. Assume the competing sailing ships as websites in this vast ocean. The sail of a ship is the fundamental structure of a website because it is the essential thing which speeds the ship. The type and code structure of a website form the fundamental structure of that website. For instance a HTML sailing ship goes many times more faster than a FLASH sailing ship. Because HTML is technically more superior than FLASH in SEO competition.

Human factor in SEO competition:
Whether SEO is a competition in the digital world, human factor is the biggest decisive factor here. The human factor is the SEO specialist. Captain is the one who leads the sailing ship during the competition and completes the race successfully. The captain should know the ocean well where the competition takes place (Google). A clever experienced captain knows the dangerous and advantageous sides of this ocean. He knows when and from where the wind blows.

SEO Fundamental Rules:
The result is a disappointment unless SEO is made with the right method. Quick and sudden rising ends with a quick and sudden fall. SEO ought to be made means confident rising without quick long jumps.

Creative Content: The necessary golden rule of SEO is the content. The originality of the content is important but creative and effective content is more important. Contents which contain useful information and news are more valuable for SEO. Therefore articles and article-like contents are the most appropriate ones for SEO.

On-Page Optimization: All the steps that you make inside the website are called on-page optimization. Suppose that you are playing a strategical mind game with Google bot and try to use your brain and creativity in this game.The source code of the page should be neat and tidy as much as possible. The right use of meta tags. Establishing H1, H2 Tag structure using a stylesheet. Using alt tags and title tags on pictures and inbound links. Optimizing on-page URL address. Use the right meta tags correctly and pay attention to the meta tags-content relevancy.

Off-Page Optimization: After Google Webmaster Tools registration, important settings like sitemap, robots.txt, and geographic target are done. Search engine submissions to Google and other big search engines are carried out. After your website is indexed in Google, backlink construction process starts. The most important thing in SEO link building is the one-way link building. You can use the reciprocal link building method only if it is highly related websites within each other. The number of links is not important for Google SEO. The important thing is the link’s quality, link’s value and the link’s relevance. Pagerank (PR) value does not have a higher priority in the relationship between SEO and Google.

Optimization process is a long and demanding process. Keep up the work with patience and never give up. Suppose that you’re raising your little baby to become a mature human. Make minor updates or changes when necessary so as to have a better optimised website.

Dangerous penalty steps in SEO: Don’t use a copy (stolen, plagiarized) content. Don’t use hidden text or links on the background with the same color. Don’t use cloaked pages, deceptive redirects, doorway pages or duplicate site and pages. Don’t get paid links and try to not make reciprocal link building. Never do spam links in SEO.

Why is SEO difficult and why is the competition rate quite high?
The answer is quite simple. If you’re not on Google 1st page after the SEO, that SEO is not beneficial at all. The maximum traffic you will get from the monthly potential traffic of the keyword is 5% when you are on the 2nd page of Google. This 5% ratio is still exceptional. Normally it would be much lower ratio. In fact this is the awful truth of SEO. Google 1st page is the only ad space. Everything starts and ends here. As we know there are 10 websites on every page of organic search results and the first main goal is having a place in top 10 then the second main goal is rising on the first page as much as possible and finally stabilize your position.

Each website which achieves getting a position in top 10 throws a website which is used to be on the first page to the second page. Therefore the competition in SEO is quite high and ruthless. In the near future this competition in Google first page will be much more difficult because the SEO market is growing day by day. “Easy” and “guarantee” words do not take place in the dictionary of SEO world. Whether the SEO competition is big or average, every 1st page competition needs serious and professional process.

The future of SEO and the SEO in the future:
The future of SEO is really brilliant as its market share is going to have a breakout undoubtedly. The SEO in the future will give us more professional results because of the advance in artificial intelligence. Google bot will analyse the content, meta tags, and other factors deeply with her advance artificial intelligence. Websites who have poor or nonsense content, grammar and spelling flaws won't be in the foreground on Google. It will be more difficult for websites to win Google bot's favour. Google bot will be more selective. Therefore we will see the Google first page with the chosen websites having much more true and professional content.

The advantageous relationship between SEO and blog will lose strength in the SEO of future. It will be not easy, simple, and ordinary to get place on the first page of Google with a blog.

SEO Consulting:
SEO is a challenging long race. The probability of your SEO success in this race also depends on the knowledge and experience level of your SEO consultant. SEO is a probability, not a mathematical guaranteed operation. None of professional SEO consultants guarantee Google first page or first row position. If they do, they shouldn’t do that. SEO does not consist of mathematical guarantee, it is utterly a probability. The probability of SEO success and being on the first page of Google increases by the right SEO consultant and the right SEO base.

One other important thing is preserving your successful position. Other mission of a SEO consultant is consolidating the high position after it is taken. The company owners and executives who knows SEO as it is the most valuable key of digital marketing intend to establish long-term trustworthy business relationships with SEO consulting companies. As a result both sides can always make money through this mutual relationship.

SEO Pricing:
There are some pricing systems on professional SEO consulting. Some of them are:

Pay Per Hour: The payment system where the SEO company is paid per hour of labor.
Pay Per Month: The payment system where the SEO company is paid a fixed amount per month.
Pay Per Performance: This payment method is also called as Pay Per Result. Performance values which are used mostly are unique visitor and absolute sale. Different payment boards can be arranged according to the performance values. According to the SEO company, one-time payment before the SEO service may be included.
Pay Per Ranking: The payment system where the SEO company is paid a monthly amount per keyword which is listed on Google 1st page organic results. The montly amount varies according to its first page ranking. One-time payment before the SEO service may be included.
Pay Per Project: The payment system where the SEO company is paid a fixed amount for the whole SEO project. This fixed amount can be paid at once or in instalments.

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