SEO is very important in today’s scenario as google dominates most of our lives, from personal needs to business requirements we search almost everything on google. SAAS companies rely heavily on SEO to generate leads as most of their probably customers are found on google. As competition increases for SAAS companies SEO becomes almost inevitable for them.

How to implement SEO on SAAS Websites

1. Technical SEO :

Most of these SAAS companies have a variety of tech stack required to build their SAAS website. We have to select a CMS platform that works best in terms of technology and is also friendly for search engines to crawl. Some options to choose from are Wordpress, Ghost CMS, Contently etc all these platforms have seo features which if implemented properly will allow google to crawl your website and understand what your saas product is about.

2. Hosting:

Selecting a good server to host your saas product is also very important. As the number of customers increases, load will also increase on the server as there will be more concurrent users. Its very important to use a cloud server that can be scaled easily and which has good uptime. Some suggestions are AWS, Digital Ocean, Linode etc. To Configure these servers for maximum speeds you would need server architects help as well.

3. Content :

Most of the saas websites have few sections in common like features, product details, pricing, product comparison, FAQs, Support Knowledgebase etc. Its very important to plan your content very efficiently to help your customers understand about your product from the initial stage of subscribing to your product to using it and tips on getting their issues resolved themselves via a detailed knowledge base. If you have a detailed DIY kind of knowledgebase it will help your customers fix minors issues on their own and will also help you in SEO as your website’s word count increases.

4. Keywords:

As there are many SAAS companies on the web, it's very important to select the right keywords to rank your website. In SAAS sections are Accounting and CRM there are tons of SAAS companies that are already ranking on the first page, it's very difficult to outrank them. It is better to choose niche keywords initially like “CRM for Hotel industries” or “CRM for hospitals” instead of taking keywords like “Best CRM” or “CRM for Small Business”.

5. Review sites:

It is beneficiary to list your website on SAAS listing websites like Capterra, G2Crowd, Trustpilot, Getapp, etc. Once you have your initial set of customers asking them to review on these sites will increase your credibility and help you get more brand recognition. Also integrating rich snippets in your website will help you show rating on your search results page. This will persuade people searching on Google to click on your website and increase your visibility.

6. Blog

Blog plays a very important role in any SEO campaign. By creating blog posts on problems that your SAAS products are solving and what might be the benefits of using your products will help your visitors understand more about your product and persuade them to become your customers.

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Author's Bio: 

Madhukar SV Seo Expert(Digital Consultant) at UDISYSTEM