SEO content writing skills can be one of the most useful skills that you should strive to develop as you start on your journey to creating a growing online income. This may also be one of the most challenging skills that you work on developing but if you stick with it and learn it, then you will always be able to use it to create more income for yourself when ever you need to.

Many online marketers are not happy with the amount of traffic that they are getting to their websites and as a result they get very frustrated, and in many cases start looking for short cuts to more traffic with less work. This is one reason why duplicate content is such a big problem on the internet.

However, having unique high quality content is one of the best ranking factors that you can focus on to help you get your webpages ranked well in the search engines and get you more search engine traffic to your webpages.

Getting unique high quality content usually takes one of two things 1.) Money - and if you are not getting traffic, then you are probably low on money to pay for articles. Or 2.) Time and Effort.

Developing SEO content writing skills is not complicate, it’s actually pretty simple but it does take time, effort and self-discipline. Just like learning and developing any other skill (walking, talking or riding a bike) you will have to practice and work at it until you get good at it.

But once you learn it you will have a sense of empowerment knowing that you have developed a key money making skill that you can use for a lifetime.

Hopefully you are already aware of what keywords are (the topic or phrase that your content is going to focus on ) and you have already done your keyword research to identify the keywords that you are going to use, if not it’s very important that this part is done first or you will not be off to a good start.

Now if all of that is taken care of, here are 3 SEO content writing tips that you can use to start learning and developing this skill.

Seo Content Writing Tip # 1

1.) Keyword/Keyword phrases - Your keyword or keyword phrase should always be included in your Title. Having your keyword phrase as the title is ideal, but this is not always practical or possible. It should also be used in your first sentence or paragraph and about once every 100-150 words (this is your keyword density) and should be included in your last paragraph.

Tip # 2

2.) Your content should content related keywords which support the topic and focus of your article and most importantly your content should be interest, informative, useful and engaging (hold your readers interest : ) This is where most spun content falls short. It tends to lose much of its quality and value as a result of being spun or re-written.

Tip # 3

3.) When possible your content should include images (with the keyword used in the alt tag description) or video. Just like a vehicle with power doors and locks has greater value, content with images and video is also seen as having greater value.

Simple as one, two, three - ( I know what you are thinking and you are right “Just because it is simple that does not mean that it is easy : )

But if you set aside the time and put forth the effort you will be able to look back and see how powerfully this one simple skill can enhance your life over and over and over again.

As I mentioned earlier, SEO content writing is just one of the key skills that you will need to learn to be successful marketing online.

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