SEO Business Box by Daniel Tan, the current darling of the Internet marketing world that is making headlines and sensations across the globe, has launched to much fanfare and accolade. It is a course comprising of modules each majoring in a particular field of SEO business, such as on-page and off-page SEO, finding and handling clients, the creation and running of the business, the pricing models, legal documents and much more. It is created by Daniel Tan, who wanted a course that is easily understood and accessible to both beginners, amateurs and professionals alike.
There has been some debate about whether the course is suitable for advanced SEO professionals, those who have years of experience under their belt and whom wheeling and dealing in SEO has become second nature to them. When asked for their opinion and comments about SEO Business Box, a majority has cited its simple, easy to understand style as a big plus. Not because it is simplistic, mind you, but rather because Daniel has a knack for breaking down complicated concepts and methods into easily understood layman’s terms.
They also view the product as a great refresher course where they can go back and refer to the module for quick solutions to specific problems. Even critics of the module who say that the module does not offer enough for experienced professionals acknowledge that it is so well planned and executed that it won’t be a problem for fresh beginners to set up a highly successful SEO business in just 6 month’s time with this course.
Beginners, on the other hand, praise it for its back-to-the-basics approach. Daniel is very practical and attributes this trait as one of the leading factors for his SEO success. “I take only the things that work and focus on the core basics as these are the key to successful SEO. Others may attempt to game the system and employ sophisticated and complicated looking techniques and methods, but I actually found that they performed below par when compared to superior sound SEO practices.
Focusing on the basics is always the key to SEO success.” By focusing on building a solid foundation where the beginners are armed with sound business practices and SEO know-how, SEO Business Box ensures that the journey to success is as smooth sailing as possible.
Daniel Tan has also mentioned that he will keep a constant eye out on the module and its loyal customers, and hopes that his product will improve the lives and well being of its buyers.

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