A lot of people have misconceptions about SEO article writing. Some think that it’s all about stuffing an article with as many keywords as possible while others think that it’s all about using different tags all throughout the article body. If you’re one of those people who really don’t understand what SEO article writing is, this one is for you. Let me shed some light.

First, let’s define the terms. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s the process of applying proven techniques to make your articles or website search engine-friendly. Your goal here is to ensure that the search engines will notice your articles/website and assign better page ranking. You would want your website/article to show up on the first search page results so you’ll get maximum exposure.

Web article writing, on the other hand, is the process of writing articles that are online user-friendly. They’re very much different compare to say, newspaper articles. As they’re written based on the needs and preferences of online users, they’re usually short and they sound pretty casual.
SEO article writing is used by millions of ebusiness owners and other people who are trying to make money online as it is proven to be a great tool in generating traffic. You see, people usually go online when they need specific information. What they’ll do is launch their browser, key in keywords and they’ll get list of pages on relevant listings.
Your goal here is for them to see your articles and convince them to pick your copies. When that happens, you have the chance to win the heart and respect of these people. You also have the chance to send them to your website through your resource box.

The process

Contrary to what other people would tell you, writing SEO articles is relatively easy. All you need to do is follow each step very carefully. If you do the process right, you’ll certainly reap great rewards. Here’s what you need to do:

1. First step is to conduct keyword research. You will need to do this to know the most searched terms and phrases related to your business or chosen niche. You’ll be happy to know that there are now free reliable keyword trackers that you can make use of. Just key in the products or services that you sell and you’ll get all the keywords used by your potential clients for a specific period of time. If you’re starting out, it’s best if you stick with non-competitive keywords. As much as possible, target long tail keywords or those that contain at least 3 words. For each article that you write, you will need to have only one primary keyword. You will also need to use related terms and phrases. This technique which is commonly referred to as latent semantic indexing technique is proven to help the search spiders in easily analyzing the relevance of your content to the keywords that you’re targeting.

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