Do you want to write SEO articles that you can use in your internet marketing campaign but just don’t know how or where to start? Then, here are the steps that you need to take:

1. Choose your topics. First step is to figure out the best topics to write. Consider the needs of your readers and your purpose in writing your articles when doing this. Stick with topics that are related to the products that you sell so you can easily promote what you offer on your resource box. It’s best if you discuss the problems or goals of your target audience. It’s also not a bad idea if you discuss the latest issues related to your chosen niche and to do product reviews. These are the type of topics that are generating so much attention in the online arena today.

2. Identify the keywords to target. Next step is to make a list of keywords that you’re going to use in your articles. It will help if you do keyword research so you’ll know the exact terms and phrases that are constantly being searched for by your target audience. Target those that are extremely popular.

3. Research. Gather as much information related to your chosen topics. This is applicable even if you consider yourself an expert in your niche. You see, loading your articles with as much information as possible will make them more valuable to the eyes of your readers. Check out reputable resources, conduct survey, and interview other experts when needed.

4. Show off your expertise. Be willing to share a slice of your expertise when writing your articles. Offering your readers with compelling information and useful data is your best shot in winning their trust and confidence. Share with them some of your secrets. Tell them how they can solve their problems the faster, cheaper, and easier way. Then, answer their burning questions and offer them with guides to help them perform certain task or to help them reach their goals. If you do this, these people will consider you an authority in your niche in no time. This is what you need to convince them to click through your resource box and later on, sign up to your list.

5. Make your articles readable. Make your articles easy on the eyes by breaking them down into several but short paragraphs. Use as many white blank spaces as possible. Then, keep your sentences short.

6. Optimize your articles. The last but the most important step is making your articles search engine-friendly so they’ll come up on relevant searches. Start by placing your primary keyword on your title and on the first sentence of the article. Then, use the primary keyword and other related terms all throughout your article body. Be careful and do not use too many keywords so you can avoid issues regarding keyword spamming.

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