Truth be told, writing exceptional SEO articles isn’t that difficult. All you need to do is learn each step that you need to take and have the willingness to do the entire process right. Here’s how you can do it like a pro:

1. Learn SEO article writing techniques. The first step is to get in-depth information about the process of writing SEO articles. Read relevant SEO resources and get to know the latest algorithms of major search engines. You need to know the things that they are looking for when they’re indexing articles. Keep in mind that these algorithms can change anytime so you better keep yourself posted by reading resources and by attending seminars from time to time.

2. Find the best keywords for your articles. Always start the whole process by identifying the best keywords to target. Using keyword suggestion tools, search for the terms related to your niche or search the products or services that you offer. List down the words that appear on the page results. The first ones are usually the most competitive. You can target these keywords but bear in mind that the more people targeting a certain term, the more difficult it will become for you to get your articles on the top 10 search page results.

3. Choose the best topics. Years of writing my articles have taught me that the best topics for the articles are always those that can potentially help your readers. What I am saying is, instead of offering them with general information (example; internet marketing 101), you must offer them with something that they’ll find useful like how-to guides or tips list (example: 10 internet marketing tips to boost your sales). These types of articles are usually the ones that are getting enormous attention in the online arena.

4. Make your articles informative. Forget about the search engines and their algorithms first when writing your articles. Focus on giving your audience great reading and learning experience. Offer them with in-depth information about your chosen topics. Offer insider tips and trade secrets whenever possible. You would want to wow these people so they’ll continue reading your articles until they reach your resource box where you can pitch in what you offer. Proofread your articles and correct all errors.

5. Optimize your articles. Start by inserting the keywords that you’re targeting and their synonyms on your article body. For best results, insert the main keyword on your title and on the first 90 characters of the article. After that, place the keywords and related terms on each of your paragraphs. Keep in mind that you can only use your keywords twice for every 100 words. Optimize your articles without sacrificing their readability and quality. Your keywords must blend well with your content. They must not sound awkward otherwise, you will annoy your readers.

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