This article is for those people who have excellent SEO and article writing skills. In here, I’ll teach you how you can make fat paychecks using your skills. Let’s get started:

Offer ghostwriting services

Ghostwriters are very in-demand these days because more and more ebusiness owners are promoting their products and services using content-based marketing solutions like article marketing.

Start by building your very own online portfolio that potential buyers can look into to get an idea about your writing skills. Write several articles and publish them on article directories under your name. It’s also a good idea to maintain a blog about topics that you know very well.

Continue by going to freelancing sites. These are the best websites to go to when looking for article writing projects. Take all the time that you need when writing your profile. Ensure that it will leave a lasting impression. Tell your prospects who you are (without giving out contact information as this is a big no-no on freelancing sites) and give them a proof that you’re really good in writing effective SEO articles. Tell them relevant experiences and some of your biggest achievements related to article writing.

The next step is to bid on those projects that you find interesting. In order to get noticed, offer potential buyers with exciting deals and show them what you’ve got. For example, you can send them short article about their chosen topics or tell them that you can finish the project sooner compare to other bidders (without sacrificing their quality). Also, take advantage of add-on services offered by freelancing sites. Some will highlight your bid for as low as $1. This will help in easily capturing the attention of your potential clients.

To secure steady flow of writing projects, strive to get as many great feedbacks as possible. Future clients will surely want to work with you if all your past customers were extremely happy with your work. When this happens, you can gradually increase your rate. Established ghostwriters with amazing track record can charge up to $20/500-word article.

Build your own ebusiness and attract traffic through SEO article writing and distribution

Another great way to capitalize on your SEO article writing skills is to use it in promoting your very own business. Think of a business that is closely related to your areas of interest and sell products and services (ensure that there’s a market for them). Then, drive enormous traffic to your website by writing and distributing high quality, very informative articles to different directories. Through this, you’ll be able to reach out to your prospects who are using the internet when looking for information. This will also help in building links for your website (through your resource box) and in establishing your credibility. The secret here is writing as many articles as possible (I would recommend 5-10 articles per day) and using all the A-list article directories such as goarticles, ezinearticles, buzzle, etc.

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