A lot of people are seriously considering launching their internet market campaign to boost their ebusiness. However, some of them are not sure if they can consistently write and distribute articles on a regular basis. If you’re one of these people, I would recommend that you get the help of professional SEO article writers. Right now, there are hundreds and thousands of competent writers from across the globe who are offering their services to ebusiness owners like you. Here’s how you can find the perfect one for you:
1. Make use of freelancing sites. You’ll have better chances of finding competent SEO article writers if you go to freelancing sites. In here, you can easily get in touch with both new and seasoned service providers. The good thing about these sites is that they give you access to the profile of each of their SEO article writers where you’ll get an idea about their track record. You’ll be able to access the feedbacks that were left by their previous clients.
2. Create detailed article writing project. Next step is to create a project that interested freelance SEO article writers can bid on. Help these people bid accordingly by giving all the details that they need to know. Indicate the number of articles you need, their word count, the kind of SEO techniques to be used, and the deadline. If this is your first project, I would suggest that you start with small projects (around 5 10 articles) until you find that perfect partner that you can have long time business relationship with.
3. Shortlist at least 3 freelancers who have proven track record. Keep your project open for at least a week so you’ll get more bids. Review each of them and consider what they offer. Shortlist those people who have obviously taken the time to read your brief and who have several compelling feedbacks from their previous clients. It will help if these people have experience writing articles related to your chosen topics.
4. Verify skills. Even if the freelancers that you have shortlisted were highly recommended by their precious customers, I would still recommend that you verify their skills before you award the project to them. Ask them to write a sample article that may contain at least 200 words. The goal here is to have an idea as to what they can come up with and to get an idea about their writing style and skill level. Carefully review the samples submitted to you and figure out which one stands out from the crowd.
5. Talk about and settle some issues. Before you award the project to your chosen service provider, I would highly recommend that you talk about issues about payment, delivery, plagiarism, and copyright. Put everything you’ve talked about in writing so you’ll have something to refer to in case encounter problems later on.

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