Writing and publishing SEO articles is very time-consuming, there’s no doubt about that. But if you want to really succeed in the online arena, this is one of the internet marketing tools that you can’t just remove from your plate. When done correctly, SEO article submission can be your ticket to impressive page ranking, enormous traffic, and increased profits.
Here are the top SEO article submission tips to keep in mind to easily get the kind of results that you really want:

1. First step is to ensure that your articles are ready for submission. Ensure that they are of high quality and that they’re worthy of your target market’s precious time. They must be very informative, content-rich, well-written, and unique. In addition, they must be relatively short, easy to skim through, properly optimized, and easy to understand.

2. Submit your articles to ezinearticles (EZA). The first article marketing site that you must use is EZA. Why? It’s because this site is considered the best directory in the online arena today. It’s important that you submit your articles here before you distribute them to other directories because EZA will reject articles that were already used on other sites. EZA’s review and posting time is around 1-2 days for platinum members. Should they reject your articles, you’ll get email explaining the reason/s for the rejection. You will need to revise and resubmit your articles when that happens.

3. Post your articles on your website and blog. Once EZA accepted and published your articles, you can go ahead and use them on other sites. I suggest that you use them on your website and blog. Link your articles by using anchor texts to make it much easier for your visitors to find your other articles.

4. Distribute your articles to other directories. Next step is to distribute your articles to article marketing sites aside from EZA. If your articles were accepted by EZA, you have 100% guarantee that they’ll be accepted by other directories. Some directories will allow you to submit just 5-10 articles per day. Others will allow you to use links on your article body. I suggest that you read their terms of service and take advantage of all the benefits that they can offer.

5. Monitor. Make it a habit to check the email address that you’ve submitted when you registered an account on article marketing sites. Publishers will email you if they have published your articles and if they rejected some of your copies.

6. Monitor the performance of each article. Care to know the performance of each article that you published. How many times were they opened and read? How’s your click through rate? Improve those articles that are not getting much attention in the online arena so they can help in getting the kind of attention you want for your website.

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Sean Mize is an article marketing expert and coach. Here's one of his best article written: Article Writing Tips .