Distributing SEO articles is proven to be very effective in terms of traffic generation. If you write articles that are both search engine and reader-friendly, you have better chances at securing better page rank that can lead to more exposure in the online arena and enormous traffic. These are exactly what you need to secure decent sales.
Here are some tips on how you can increase your traffic through SEO article marketing:

1. Write several articles. As they say, SEO article marketing is a game of numbers. You have a better shot at excelling in this field if you commit yourself to producing several articles on a daily basis. I would recommend that you write 3-5 articles per day. Although this will take a lot of time, you can be assured that you’ll get the kind of exposure you need in the online arena. Make the process of writing several articles manageable by keeping all your articles short (around 300-500 words), by going with topics that you know very well (so you will not need extensive research), and by writing in the morning. Writing when you’re not too tired will help you produce more high quality articles in no time.

2. Ensure that your articles are of high quality. Sacrificing the quality of your articles is one thing that you cannot afford to do. Experts agree that it’s better to come up with few articles that are of high quality than produce several copies that do not make any sense. Remember, you’re trying to win the trust and confidence of your readers and that will not happen if your articles are not impressive. Your readers will clickthrough your resource box if your articles are well-written and if they contain useful, compelling information.

3. Use keywords. The competition in article marketing is cutthroat. In order for you to make sure that your articles will get the kind of attention they need, you have to get them to appear on relevant searches. There’s only one way to do that – make them search engine-friendly. Learn more about SEO article writing and master all the writing techniques that you can use to properly optimize your copies. It’s always a good idea to use keywords and to use latent semantic indexing technique. Optimize your articles without sacrificing their quality or their readability.

4. Make your readers your number one priority. Here’s the truth; you’ll succeed in this field if you commit yourself to making your readers extremely happy. These people will click through your resource box and will sign up to your list if they are impressed with your articles. They’ll surely be happy if you give them what they want. Most of these people are reading articles to get solutions to their problems and to get more information about the things they consider important. It will also help if you communicate your desire in helping them out.

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