Industrial automation is a field which is vast and versatile. Companies indulge in developing indigenous competitive solutions to the customers and place themselves to significant positions in the niche. When qualified and skilled engineers work on automation solutions, the objective is to increase process efficiency and accuracy. The development teams use their experience and technical skills and bring incredible solutions. In automation, the role of the sensor is prominent. They are widely used in automation and decision-making. Various types of sensors are used in projects, as per the requirement. When Sensor manufactures in Coimbatore receive the requirement specification from the client for a specific type of sensors, they know about its technicalities. If a specific make or model of sensor is not available, then they suggest an appropriate substitute. With their experience and understanding, sensor manufacturers help their clients in making the right selection. Sensors made according to the EN Standards (European Norms) are considered good. Also, they should carry UL approvals and CE Marking.

Sensors make automation easier

Sensors play a critical role in automation projects because they decide the course of action. Hence, it is imperative that the sensors work with precision. When sensors are made as per high standards of quality, they give the best performance. Experienced Sensor manufactures in Coimbatore use their expertise and experience in making sensors for the challenging industrial environment while designing and manufacturing sensors. What is expected from a quality manufacturer? Clients get a high level of perfection in design, testing, implementation, customer support, and maintenance. A seasoned manufacturing company exceeds expectations in all these aspects. Manufacturers offer end-to-end support and delivery of sensors of unsurpassed quality. The work doesn’t end by supplying excellent sensors to clients. It is equally important to involve in evolving new products. The research and development department does it. Research executives and find new ways to make the sensors further useful. When the sensors are developed, reliability of performance is considered the topmost parameter. The more reliable a sensor is, the more accurately it works.

Types of sensors used in automation and industrial process control

• Proximity sensors: Proximity sensor detects the presence or absence of objects and trigger the appropriate action. It could be inductive, capacitive, optical or mechanical. Used in a variety of applications.
• Mechanical sensors: They are used in on/off operations.
• Optical sensors: They are non-contact type sensors. There are no moving parts. They are small in size, and insensitive to shocks, jerks, and vibrations. However, they need alignment, and ambient light conditions may blind them. Need frequent cleaning to retain operational reliability.
• Inductive/capacitive sensors: They are reliable and robust but can work in a small range. Inductive sensors use magnetic properties to detect the presence of metal objects. Capacitive sensors are useful in identifying the capacitance caused by a non-metallic object.

The sensors mentioned here are a few examples. There are several other sensors such as position sensors, force sensors, level sensors or vibration sensors.
Based on the requirement of a particular application, an appropriate sensor is chosen. One can get high-quality sensors from Sensor manufactures in Coimbatore by giving requirement specs in detail.

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