When we talk about a very "sensitive" film we talk about a film that can take pictures under conditions where normal films "see" only black.

When we talk about a "sensitive" radio receiver we talk about a special machine that can receive signal where other ordinary receivers don't.

When we talk about a "highly sensitive" person we talk about someone whose brain, nervous system and senses work differently and much more precisely than other peoples'.

"Highly Sensitive Person" is a term created by Elaine Aron describing all the people who have a different way of understanding and sensing the world.

Are we special then? No! You might say that everyone is special in a way. In my opinion we are just highly and more precisely tuned.

As you can understand I'm not here to make you feel special, I'm not here to make you feel superior, even though I'm sure that all these years some people near you were in contrary trying to make you feel small and worthless. They just did it because they were afraid of you; because they couldn't understand your way and they thought that by diminishing you they would feel more comfortable themselves.

I'm here to assist you to you feel good for what you are. To help you overcome the challenges of your sensitivity, to show you how to explore your gifts, coach you so you can use them the best possible way, share them with others and enjoy them completely.

You have the power to understand the world in a different and deeper way, to feel vibrations around you that others cannot feel, to sense small variations of reality, to experience life behind the scene, make use of abilities that nobody could teach you how to use all these years.

This power is in your hands when you learn to handle it. It's a wonderful tool to explore, understand and make the world a better place.

It is time for you to find out that you're not alone, as they might have tried to convince you all these years. So many people around you, some famous, some not, artists, scientists, philosophers, writers, technicians were and are all highly sensitive. The difference with them is that they managed to handle this power and make the best out of it.

Author's Bio: 

Antonis Remoundos is Life Coach and he loves to work with Highly Sensitive people, helping them get out of defense and survival and move towards living, thriving, leading.

He has seen a lot of changes in his life when he realized his uniqueness as highly sensitive person. His tools are: deep understanding, intuition and love for self-growth. And more practical the power of the Sedona Method.

He lives in Kifissia Greece and works internationally.