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“My teeth and gum have started getting irritated just after I had teeth whitening done."

This is one of the most common complain dentists often get after a few patients opt for teeth whitening treatment. Some even don’t go for the treatment no matter how much they need to have it with the thought that they will eventually grow this problem and will never be able to take a bite of the ice cream ever again.

Well, there is no need to worry. Firstly, it is considered as a side effect of the treatment, and the truth is it does not happen to everyone. It is something entirely temporary, and you can get over with it very soon.

If you start experiencing the same effect, don’t panic. Or even, don’t get frightened by the thought that it will leave you with the problem forever once you get the whitening treatment done. Here are some of the before and after care tips for you that will help you to combat this temporary side effect.

Read on to find out the details.

1. Start the care beforehand

You need to prepare beforehand. Start brushing using the prescribed toothpaste by your dentist in Prospect to minimise the effect of sensitivity before you get the treatment done. Get started with this before care at least one week prior to the treatment.

Remember that you may have to use the same toothpaste after the treatment is over at least for the next 48 hours and then get back to your regular toothpaste after the sensitivity is gone.

2. Show a bit extra care to your teeth

To ensure that you don’t keep on experiencing the tooth sensitivity for a prolonged time, you must take some care of your teeth. For instance, you are required to brush your teeth a bit carefully, gently so that you don’t have to feel so much of sensitivity.

Using a brush that has soft bristles is highly recommended in this case.

Moreover, when you are drinking coffee or any cold drink, it is recommended to use straw instead of sipping directly. It will minimise the contact with your teeth, keeping you feel less irritated. Also, it is advised to use lukewarm water to wash your mouth instead of chilled water to avoid sensitivity attacks.

3. Visit the dental expert

Your job is not over after the treatment is done. It will take some time to get over with the situation and also to get back to your regular diet plan over again. To ensure the process gets faster, consider visiting your dentist who carried out your teeth whitening in Adelaide for the check-up once the whitening is done.

They will give you some anti-inflammatory drugs that will let you get a grip on your problem. So, don’t miss your next appointment with the dentist to ensure that you are following the rules in the right away and the rest of the side effects will be gone too.


Remember that if you continue to feel the hypersensitivity even after 48 hours, don’t waste any more time to consult your dentist right away. The dentist will give you some prescribed medicine that will let you get over with the impact.

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