A lot of things in your life have probably started to slow down as you’ve aged. Maybe your digestion isn’t as effective and running around isn’t as easy. These are to be expected as we grow old. But there’s one aspect in our life that can actually get better over the years and that’s intimacy with our partners.

You may not believe it but seniors are having more sex in their golden years. And the best part is they’re enjoying it more than their younger counterparts.

One study in particular revealed that individuals between 57 to 85 were not just enjoying sex but the longer couples were married for the more sex they enjoyed. These findings were part of the National Social Life, Health, and Aging project.

So why exactly are seniors having more sex? Well let’s examine some key factors.

Intimacy improves with age
There are numerous reasons as to why seniors are enjoying more sex some which include:

As you age you become more comfortable with your body and are more aware of its needs. Because of this you may be more confident and thus leading to more sex.

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