It can be a struggle when you live your older years in difficulty. With increased sensitivity to stimuli and the environment, lowered faculties and a body that is not as complying as it once was, there is plenty that can weigh you down in old age. Here are some handy pointers that can help you senior living becomes easier on you.

Your Home

Make sure you choose a convenient place to live. It should be centrally located, and all public facilities must be within close reach. It is good to have a pharmacy, grocery store, supermarket, and most importantly, a hospital close by. Keep in mind the limitations of your body, and select a place accordingly. If you have a weak constitution, avoid being in very cold, windy places which could cause you to ail faster.

Getting about

If you believe that your body is not completely fit, avoid driving altogether. Senior living can be risky if you are not careful. Public conveniences are well appointed, and must be made use of. They do take good care and have special facilities for senior citizens, so make sure you avail of the. You are always safer in the company of others, so travelling on public transport may actually be a wise decision.


Safety is the most important requirement of the aged. Make sure your house is secure, and make sure it is also suited for the elderly. Avoid slippery patches, sharp edges and changes in the levels of your house. Station tables, supports and grab bars at convenient locations so that you have some support to back on should any eventuality occur. When travelling, ensure that you always carry some identification and emergency contact numbers with you at all times. Avoid carrying too much money with you, or wearing too many valuables when you are out. Senior citizens are often unsuspecting magnets for anti social elements. Do not invite trouble.

Social life

Make sure you are pleasantly engaged for some time in the day. Go to parks with friends your age, catch a movie or meet over drinks and dinner regularly. Your friends will allow you freedom from boredom, they are actually your alerts and watch your progress on a continual basis, and can come to aid in an emergency. This is important recreation for the mind, and you are less likely to suffer problems like depression and loneliness.


If your body allows it, make sure that you take a few trips once in a while. This is highly therapeutic, and you do not necessarily have to have a spouse to go with you. Travelling alone can also broaden your horizons and help you energize yourself wonderfully. This is a good chance to meet new people and find a renewed will to carry on.


Avoid being the constant complainer and nagger. Your situation cannot change dramatically, and you must accept that. Senior living can be difficult, but being in misery will only worsen your own plight and make life more difficult for everyone around you. Be happy with your few miracles, and you will find more reasons to stay happy.

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This Article is written and published by Ted Mosbii on behalf of Smart Senior Living. Smart Senior Living provides free senior housing and care information and referrals to seniors across California.