Aging is a very tough thing to accept. But it is the truth of life, when you loses the ability to do those things you like, you feel very bad. At the age of 50 years or above, your life styles changes frequently and you feel tired with your surroundings. Then you want anybody to spend time with you. Here we are discuss about senior forum or Senior Chat .
There are many public broadcasting websites like Senior forum where you can pass your time by talking other people of same age through growing your social circle where you can get things according to your interest.
Therefore, after retirement Senior forum are the new events for senior citizens where you can pass your free time with meeting some other senior citizens. Here you can talk with other people with different state of mind. Some forums are of many kind:
*Local Senior forum (housing societies are basic form of local forums)
*Online Senior forum (Facebook, citizen forum websites)
*Chat rooms( libraries, parks, cafeteria, online chat rooms )

Local Forum

People living in different housing societies can sit together at one specific place to discuss social, religious, and political topics. You can also spend time in playing games like Ludo, chess, cricket and quiz competition. By involving in these activities you become active and sharp.

Online Senior Forum

Different websites provide online Senior forum where senior citizens talk with one another. One of them is Senior Forum where you can join a group of senior citizens and easily connect to them. These Senior forums gave you a friend circle and you can easily spend your time with them through give and take of knowledge.
Facebook also a vast social media website where a number of people is connected to one another, where they can talk with each other and can always be connected to the world. Facebook gives you knowledge about current social, religious, and sports issues. But these sites also have some negative points. So be care full while joining any online forum. Some Side effects of these forum:
*Some illegal sites get your all data and use your name for illegal purpose like robbery and for other crimes
*Fake Sites can stole your money by using your personal information
*Facebook is a very common site where different gangs cheat people by stealing their money, personal data and many more.
So never give your personal information.

Chat Rooms

Chat rooms are the great places to meet with the other seniors who have the same interest as you have. Chat rooms are of different types like cafeteria, libraries, and parks also. Online chat rooms are also available on different sites. Many Senior forum offers chat rooms that gives a specific place to senior citizens to meet with other senior citizens.


For the refreshment of body and soul of senior citizens this is very important to run their mind and body. Senior forum are playing a good role in this purpose. Theses forums are taking care of our senior citizens.

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